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   Chapter 24 let her go.

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Agustin's pov.......

I woke up earlier then usual even though I slept late because of the throbbing headache.

I shouldn't have behaved like that with her, but what else can I do she always know how to get on my nerves and I just lost my temper even after best of my efforts.

I need to be more careful and have some self control when ever I am around her. But no worries I will make it up to her once we start living together.

I just don't understand why can't she see how much I love her and will do anything for her. I love her so much that now it hurts, not being with her. I just can't wait anymore, every second without her is like a punishment.

I have already given my lawyer the ultimatum to keep everything ready. I will take her signature on those damn papers today itself.

I am so excited to live with her like old days. Everything will be just perfect.

Though now Alex will also be with her and I don't want all her attention to be diverted towards him. But there is nothing I can do about it she love that child more than anything and she will have my balls for breakfast if I do anything to him.

I want my own child with her. How many times we had dreamed about it. She was always so excited at the prospect of having a child together that her eyes always used to sparkle with happiness whenever we talked about it and seeing her with Alex I can say she will be a great mother to our child....

I was pulled out of my day dreaming as my intercom buzzed. Who can be here this early?


"Sir, Mr. Jacob Knights is here. Shall I send him in?" Why is he here this early in the morning?

"Okay, send him in." And seconds later a very angry jacob barged in.

"So how was your date with Onika?" He asked in a taunting tone, anger clearly evident in his voice.

Shit, she told him everything. Fuck.

"Look jack let me handle it my way. What I am doing may not appear right at present. But I assure you once Onika realise that she still loves me everything will be fine so you need not worry." I told, to calm him down.

He fisted his hands tightly as if refraining himself from punching me.

What got into his pants? Why is he so angry? She is my wife after all, what is wrong in living with her?

Jacob's pov.....

"Enough of your rubbish Agustin. Stop it right now. I don't understand how ignorant someone can be. This is what you

r and when the door opened I saw a very scared Lyla standing there, her expression was as if she had seen a ghost.

" What happend? Are you all right?"I asked her, worried.

"Boss is not in a good mood today."she said in a scared voice.

'When has he ever been in a good mood' I whispered to myself.

"I did a small mistake while going through the records and he got angry and said to go through all the records again and submit to him within six hours or he will fire me."saying that she started sobbing.

I am sure he is having fun in unnecessarily creating this havoc.

"Hey stop crying please. I will help you with it. We will do it before six hours I promise you. He won't fire you don't worry and stop crying"I consoled her.

"Ok...okay" she said, sniffling.

The elevator opened with a ping, I got in and punched Agustin- I mean boss's floor number.

Before I can knock at his door two bulky guards stopped me from getting in. "Do you have an appointment Ma'am?" They asked with a expressionless face as if it is their daily duty.

I just rolled my eyes at them. Seriously? Oh, for fuck's shake. Why so much drama just to get in his cabin and who the hell even wants to get in the lion's den.

I showed them my PA's batch and said"he himself had called me so please let me you might be knowing he hates waiting." They exchanged a scared look and step aside.

Finally, I knocked at his door.

"Come in." Came his irritated voice. He indeed is not in a good mood. God knows what is about to come.


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