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   Chapter 23 the golden cage.

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Jacob's pov(continued).......

"Do you want to hear a story?" I asked her, keeping my anger at a bay.

She looked at me confused. Then simply nodded her head without any clue. She must be thinking I have gone mad, telling a story in between of this serious discussion.

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful bird with most beautiful wings.. She was the apple of her owners eye. Who never let her out of her cage in the fear of loosing her.

All the other birds were jealous of her, for she had everything they ever wished for. She doesn't had to fight for food, water and shelter like other birds, she had all the best things at her feet, at her deck and call.

But only she knew the truth.

"Do you want to know the truth?" I asked her and she nodded her head vigorously like a small child.

"she was suffocating from inside. She always questioned God why she had been cursed with such a life where she is just a prisoner, not having the freedom like other birds. She was caged. The cage may be a golden one but it was still a cage.

She wanted to spread her wings which was clipped long ago. She didn't even remembered how it felt like to fly, she just had the vague memory of that precious moment when she took her first flight in the immense and never ending blue sky.

That memory was her only inspiration to live, to feel that again, to fly again, high in the sky leaving all her miseries behind and giving in to the cool breeze which will wash all her bitter memories away.

This hope was her only reason to stay strong and not to give up. But day after day passed. She cried and cried but her cries fell on deaf ears.

She just sat in her cage like a show piece day and night watching the sun rise and set, in the same blue sky which she craves for, which she can always see from the window but can never break free to reach there. Drowning in her own miseries. Slowly her resolve started breaking.

She thought that she can't take it anymore. She blamed herself for being weak and giving in to her miseries and not fighting for her dreams but what she didn't know was, she was one of the bravest being, for holding up for so long.

It was hard for her to stay there in the cage everyday waking up with the same thought that today some miracle will happen and she will break free, to be disappointed again at the end. Every day was same for her. She lost count of day and time. She accepted her faith, that this is how her life will end.

But what she didn't know was, all the whil

ma won't be angry at you for that."she assured him and he extended his little hand for me to shake.

"Hello, cute little thing how are you." I asked shaking his small had in my large once.

"I am not little, I am big now. Tell him mummy." He said furiously and Onika started laughing at that.

Oh god I have no idea how to deal with small children and instead of helping me Onika is launching like a mad women.

Then he turned towards Onika and asked"mumma did you bought chocolates for me, as you promised." All her laughter died away and she just looked at Alex apologetically. Now was my time to laugh and she glared at me hard.

I went to my car and brought some chocolate back and handed it to Alex and he looked at me cheerfully and cracked a cute smile. Phew! Finally.

Onika looked at me in disbelief.

"What I like eating chocolates what is wrong in that." I snapped at her defending myself.

"Now tell me who is the cute little thing." She winked at me and again blessed me with her hearty laugh which directly tugged at my heart.

Now was the time to depart. I don't want this moment to end ever. But I don't have a say in it, so I did my goodbye and turned to go but she caught my hand and said.

"Thank you Jacob....thanks a lot."I don't exactly know why she is thanking me but I nodded my head at her and she gave me a beautiful smile and I found my lips molding on its own accord to form a smile.

And at that moment I knew, Jesus, I am whipped.


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