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   Chapter 22 scars.

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Updated: 2018-07-14 02:09

Jacob's pov....

I was working on these files for the past two hours. I have an important presentation tomorrow. It isn't even 10 o'clock and I am already feeling sleepy.

My eyes started dropping close, I rested my head on the study table and darkness consumed me.

I suddenly jerked awake and groaned in frustration as I heard my phone ringing. Arrggg.....Can't even have a peaceful sleep.

It was Agustin's call. I immediately picked up his call.


"Hello, Jackob, I want you to come to the restaurant, you booked for my date with Onika."

I subconsciously stood up.....hyper alert now. Something was wrong. He was sounding pissed."What happend are you guys alright? " I asked, worried.

My heart was beating fast. Thousands of thoughts enveloped my mind. Is Onika alright? Did Agustin again do something to her?

"It seems my wife is not much interested in being in the same car with me.

Other than that everything is fine. You just have to drop her home." He replied in an angry tone. . . .

When I reached there I saw them standing outside the entrance. The tension between them was palpable in the air.

Damn. What did Agustin do now?

When Onika saw my car she practically ran towards me to get away from Agustin and got in the car without wasting a second.

I looked back at Agustin and he just gave me a slight nod and got in his own car and went off.

Something was wrong. She just sat there with her eyes trained forwards on the road as if hiding her eyes from me. Then my eyes fell upon her shoulder and I felt this sudden rage take over me.

"Did Agustin do that?"I asked her pointing towards her shoulder, my voice dripping with rage.

She focus her eyes on me and just gulped the saliva down her throat as she realised what

t if bad things happen to you. So stop blaming yourself.

I know sometimes life is not fair. But you have to keep trying. No matter how hard the blow is fight back.

Happiness will find its way to you sooner or later, even though it doesn't seems like it will, but I assure you it will.

Be strong not because it's the ideal thing to do but because you are fighting for your rights. If you want to live you need to fight back and heal your scars."

Something changed in her eyes for a second but it disappeared before I can analyse what it was.

She closed her eyes for a moment, tear making its way through her cheeks. Then she opens her eyes and looking directly into my eyes she asked the toughest question of my life.

"What if the scars are so deep that it is now a part of who you are, that they are all you could feel, it's like a sheet always covering you and no matter how hard you want to erase it, it just won't go away."

My blood boiled in anger which was directly towards Agustin for breaking her like this.

"Do you want to hear a story?" I asked her keeping my anger at a bay.


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