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   Chapter 21 you did nonetheless.

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Onika's pov.....

As I was about to exit the restaurant he asked " do you want divorce." For a moment I thought I heard him wrong or else I must be hallucinating!

I turned towards him and almost shouted."Ar..are you serious?!"

"Absolutely.... But on one condition."he replied and stood up from his seat and came to stand infront of me as if to have a better view of my expression and grinning wickedly at me after seeing the look of disbelief written all over my face.

Silly me, for a moment I thought that he has come to his senses and realised his mistake after I poured my heart to him, but I should have known better.

Every thing for him is just a deal. If you want something then you need to give something in exchange. How typical of him. I am also just a mode of trade for this blackmailing bastard.

I hate him more and more by every passing second.

"Wh..what is it." I stuttered even after trying hard to keep the desperation away from my voice but failed miserably to which his grin widened even more knowing that he had me exactly where he wanted.

He is enjoying it?! Asshole. How shameless can someone be?

"I want you to live with me for three months like a normal married couple" He said, his hazel eyes piercing directly into my blue once without any ounce of shame.

This had me fuming in anger. I was completely stunned. I thought he had reached his limits but I don't know how does he always manage to fall more and more in my eyes.

Previously also that was what he did, forced me to be with him and bear all the torture he imposed on me and now again he is ready to force me to live with him. 'Like a normal married couple' does he even know the meaning of it?

My hands are so itching to slap him hard. But I can't be sure whether or not he will hit me back because he is definitely capable of that and I don't want to go back to Alex with a black eye, so I decided against it and rather tried to appear calm and composed.

I let out a small laugh " what good will that do? You can't possibly think after 3 months of living with you I will again fall in your trap or do you?" I asked with a taunting smile on my face.

To my surprise he looked equally calm and said "If you are that confident then what is the problem? It's just three months and after that you get what you want I won't ever show you my face if that is what you want.

"Or are you afraid that you will give in to me and I will come to know how much you still love me."

" Have you lost your mind?! Stop being delusional. You want to know what is the problem? You are the problem. Your mere presence suffocates me. Let alone three months three minutes with you make me feel sick." I spat at


"Oh and also tell him to keep the divorce paper ready. Why delay the inevitable?" I said.

"We will see." He said with confidence. Oh how much I will love to crush his confidence and ego. Too bad I have to wait three months for that.

I looked at my watch. Shit, I am already an hour late! Alex must be waiting for me. "Okay now I have to leave." With that I turned towards the door.

"Where do you think you are going."he asked

"Isn't that obvious? I am going home. Wait a minute...You thought that I will start living with you from now on didn't you? I am not living with you before I sign the papers." I said.

"Fine-"he seethed."but I am dropping you."

"Oh acting gentle man I see. I can manage just fine on my own as I had since last two years." I taunted.

"It's useless arguing with you-" He cluctched his hair in frustration.

"Oh getting irritated already? Aawww three months haven't started yet." I said innocently fluttering my eyelashes at him.

To this he just narrowed his eyes at me and said" you know how to push my buttons but I am warning you don't push me to my limits. You won't like the consequences." He warned but when I didn't show any signs of giving up he finally said.

"Ok fine but I am not letting you take a cab at this time of night. I am calling jackob he will drop you it will just take him five minutes to reach here."he said in defeated voice.

"No nee...." He cut off in between and said.

"No more arguing-" he said with finality in his voice." it's either that or I am dropping you myself anyways we have to live together in...."

"I will go with the former." I said, interrupting him. I just want to be away from him.


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