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   Chapter 20 are you serious

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Agustin's pov...

I swallowed hard against my dry throat and for the first time I prayed to God, help me convince her.

"I am sorry Onika I am so fucking sorry. I just couldn't handle you not loving me and cheating on me behind my back that also with my own best friend. It was as if I lost everything on the same day.

I was blinded by rage when I did all those things to you and I am really ashamed of what I did. I know it's no excuse for how I treated you. I deserve your hate for what I did but please give me one chance just one chance.

You are everything that matters to me I am ready to pay any price for it. I will happily take whatever you throw my way but just don't give up on us like this."I gave her a pleading look and clutched at her hand desperately.

She immediately jerked my hand away and tilted her head as if studing me but her expression don't looked fazed even in the slightest after hearing what I had to say.

This increased my panic exponentially. I don't understand why this is not having any effect on her. As per my knowledge she is very emotional and forgiving type of person. What have I done to her?

She gave me a vicious cold smile and said."Us ....there is no us Agustin and I didn't give up on you rather you did ..and that also without even a second thought. You tortured me day and night but I still didn't give up on us because I loved you with everything thing in me.

I thought may be one day you will come to your senses and everything will be back to normal but that day never came and now you are two years too late for that." She said her voice dripping with venom.

I closed my eyes in frustration. Why can't she just understand how much I love her and regret what I did. I am ready to accept my fault. Can't she just give me one chance" Onika please...please.. for once try to see this from my point of view. What would you have done if you were in my shoes...."she didn't let me finish.

And I don't know why but on hearing this her anger raised like a volcano"How dare you ask me that! You really are shameless. You want me to answer that.. okay then I will tell you what I would have done.

I wouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I would have asked you your side of story. I would have believed what you would have said... isn't that what two people in love are sup

t you thought I can. You easily accepted that I can do such loathsome thing but it was hard for you to believe your best friend can do that."she let out a humorless laugh and continued.

" And your promise of love and trust I have heard before...look where it brought me. You have fooled me once with your dialogues you are not fooling me again." I clenched my fist hard on hearing that or else I am sure I will throw the vase in front of me on someone's head.

Before I can think of a come back she looked at her watch and abruptly stood up and said.

" You have taken more then 5 minutes, I am not going to waste any more of my time on you. I am already late, I need to go. And don't bother to drop me. I will take a cab."saying that she started walking towards the exit.

Oh god no, no, no. I can't just let her go what should I do now? Suddenly an evil idea came in my mind.

"Do you want divorce?" Hearing that she stopped dead in her track and turned towards me. Her eyes as wide as saucer, sparkling with hope as if she is about to get her biggest Christmas gift. I grinned internally. She is still so innocent. I knew it will work.

"Ar...are you serious?!"she asked with hope.

"Absolutely.... But on one condition."I replied firmly though my guilty conscience was telling me not to do this but I am willing to do anything to have her back. There is no existence of mine without her.


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