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   Chapter 19 the date

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Agustin's pov.....

"I am feeling like a nervous wreck for the first time in my life. I want everything to be perfect. I am running out of patience I need to win her back soon or I will go mad. I just can't bear, her not being in my arms. I have got this chance and I want to make the most of it. Will you help me?" I asked jackob.

"It's your fight Agustin. You need to figure out what you need to do. But if you need some help with the arrangements I will be more than happy to help. But I will advice you to be patient and win her back the right way don't pressurise her and just be the Agustin you were before all this happend, the Agustin whom she loved more than anything in this world."he said his face expressionless.

Huff.. I let out a frustrated sigh and said" I know I am doing things wrong way but if I won't she won't even listen to me let alone that she will not even look at me and if she won't spend time with me how will she know I have changed."

"Have you Agustin?"he asked his face stern.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Aren't you again doing the same thing by blackmailing her to be with you."

I banged my fist on the table in frustration" then what do you want me to do? Give her divorce? Watch her as she marries someone else or be the best man of the groom? Because we both know if I let her go she won't even look back at me."

"This is were you are wrong if she wanted she could have done that after she ran away but all this time she was away from you she wasn't even having a single boyfriend. It means something was stopping her. May be she still feels something for you. There is still a chance you just need to take the right path.

After all this time of doing what you told her she needs to know that things won't be like before anymore, Show her that her decision matters, that she is free to choose, that she has equal right to take a decision in this relationship, instead of you imposing everything on her. If it's meant to be she will come back to you. You just need to show her that you will be always by her side no matter what her decision be that you will always wait for her."

I clutched my hair in frustration. Does he even know what he is talking about. How can I just let her go and if he thinks she will come back to me on her own then he is delusional. I need to show her that I am the same Agustin that she once loved, that I will do anything for her, that I am the only one for her, that it was only a moment of insanity and now I have come to my senses.

"you better stick to the arrangements and leave the rest to me." I told him. He looked disappointed as I said those words.

"Ok tell me what I need to do."

"I want you to book the best Italian restaurant in the city. Her favourite is Italian right? Because we have always been to Italian restaurant whenever we went on date." I said with confidence.

"No Agustin that is because it's your favourite and not hers. She had always given priority to your likes and dislikes over her own and you just took it for granted. Her favourite is French Restaurant" That got my attention I looked at him suspiciously.

"How the hell do you know that when I don't." I narrowed my eyes at him.

He paled as I asked him that." I...I..

." I don't believe him.

"I told you the truth."

"If you won't tell me I will find out myself. It's better you tell me yourself I may go easy on him."

"But just now you said you won't harm him."

"So it means someone did helped you." Shit.

"Agustin please just drop it or I am leaving."I warned him.

"Fine.."he answers through gritted teeth.

After that we ate in silence. But he was stealing glances at me every now and then, he was looking really nervous as if tring to say something but can't muster the courage to do so. When he was finally about to open his mouth the waiter came to clean our table and asked for dessert. But before I can say anything Agustin dismissed him rudely and said not to interrupt us in between. The waiter just nodded and went off. How rude.

I looked at my watch and said "Your time is over drop me home."

"No wait I have to say something."

"Then why did you wasted all your time in talking about nonsense, look I have told Alex that I will be back in an hour he must be waiting for me I need to go."

He looked directly into my eyes and said"Remember how you asked me to give you five minutes too say your part, the day we met, today I am begging you for five minutes please Onika just five minutes."

He sounded so desperate. I don't know why but it tugged at my heart. To be truthful I don't want to hear anything that he has to say but if I deny he will think that I am afraid that I will give in....I don't want him to get any wrong idea and thing that I am denying because I feel vulnerable so it's better that he know there is nothing he can say will help him win me back.

" Okay you have got exactly five minutes not a second more than that" I looked at my watch and said" your time starts now." I shouldn't feel guilty for talking to him this way. He deserves it. But somehow it didn't feel right.


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