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   Chapter 18 Onika-1; Agustin-0

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Agustin's pov...

Why isn't she here yet it's 9:00 o'clock already. She was supposed to be here by 8. Is she alright? Did something happen to her? Oh god I am still feeling guilty for the way I treated her yesterday. I couldn't sleep for the whole night. Her pain filled eyes just kept on flashing infront of me, tearing my heart into pieces.

Enough. I can't wait anymore. Shall I call her? I need to call her.

She picked after the 5th ring. "Hello.." came her husky voice.

My god her morning intoxicating voice. How much I miss waking with her wrapped in my arms. Damn don't think about it Agustin you don't want to walk around the office with a hard on. Soon Agustin soon have patience.

"Hello who is this.."came her now alert voice.

"Hello." I tried hard to keep the vulnerability away from my voice. Why does her mere voice has this effect on me? Only she has such power over me.

"Agu.. Agustin."so my princess still recognise my voice so well. No matter how much she denies I know she still loves me.

" No good morning nothing this is how you talk to your boss and moreover you are already late by an hour. I am giving you half an hour to reach here. Come to office right away." I tried to sound as intemidating as I can while internally I was having this warm feeling just by listening to her voice and knowing that she was fine.

Her breathing wavered for a moment I can say she was trying hard to control her anger.

"What if I don't. Oh yeah right you fire people for being a minute late and here I am already an hour late. Poor me I am so scared. What will boss do now? Umm..let me guess fire me?." she mocked me.

Ah my princess has learned to play her card well she knows I won't ever do that. But I will be damned if I let her get away using her tantrums. I am not having any of it.

"If you are not here in half an hour I will be outside your apartment to receive you myself."I warned.

I know where to hit a person to mould them to do what I want. I very well know she doesn't want me anywhere near Alex. This child is someday gonna receive so many chocolates from me. Gotta met him soon.

"No! need I will be there within half an hour."I smirked hearing her panicked voice. I knew this will work.

"As soon as you reach here I want you to directly come to my cabin. I need to discuss certain things." I ordered.

"Yes boss."came her irritated reply.

Onika's pov.....

I drove to the office as fast as I can I don't want him anywhere near Alex. If he ever harm a hair on Alex's body I will chop his balls and feed it to him. If he thinks I will be his little obedient wife again then lord in heaven help him to cope with what is to come his way. I am gonna give him one heck of a hard time. He will be compelled to fire me.

As soon as I entered the office everyone was looking at me as in they have seen a Dracula. Oh god I am just an hour and half late, I haven't killed some

he gave me a knowing smile.

"Ah Don't forget then that I am your master you can't outwit me in my own game. Now here goes my card for every mistake of yours I will fire someone else." He flashed his evil grin at me.

Shocked.. completely shocked was what I was. He is fucking insane. I wanted to scream at him 'you insensitive immoral bastard. No, Agustin Deluca you bitch I am so not loosing this time.' but that will cost the job of each and every person working in this office if he act on his threat and I am intelligent enough to take his threats serious so I better not.

Suddenly an idea struck in my mind.

"I am ready to go on a date with you if you promise you won't fire anyone at my expense....but i want you to pay me for my time for each and every unbearable moment i spend with you, the decision is yours"

He was clenching his teeth so hard that I was afraid his teeth might come out and I knew I had hit a nerve but I know him too well too know he will never let this chance slip from his hand.

"Fine.."he said gritting his teeth.

" Aww the great Agustin Deluca, the one each and every girl will die to go on a date with now has to pay a girl for going on a date with him, you are loosing your touch man. Here is a tip grow some balls instead of being a pussy may be that will help." With that being said I left his cabin with the speed of light. I didn't gave him a second glance.I couldn't dare see his expression.

Yesss! Onika-1 and Agustin -0. The game is on!


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