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   Chapter 17 you all are same.

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Jacob's pov.....

I could still hear Onika sobbing. I saw Agustin rushing out of his cabin. I know I shouldn't be here it's their personal matter but I can't bring myself to move my leg after hearing her pain filled voice which pierced right through my heart.

How can Agustin leave her there like this. I hate Agustin for what he has done to her. He will destroy everything why can't he understand he can never get Onika by forcefully tying her to himself this is not gonna end well if he doesn't change his ways.

I couldn't stand her crying anymore. I opened the door and what I saw made my heart cringe. She was lying there on the floor. Legs to her chest sobbing like an innocent lost child. I still remember how she used to be always smiling and welcoming, full of life. One misunderstanding have destroyed everything.

Sometimes I really wonder does Agustin deserves her. After going through so much in her life she deserves to be loved and cherished and not crying somewhere on the floor if Agustin can't understand that even after knowing the truth then he is past repentance.

In this very moment one thing was clear to me no, Agustin don't deserve her. What was killing me was even after knowing that I can't help her. I guess no one can Agustin would kill if anyone as much as tries.

She looked up our eyes met. What I saw there made me want to kill Agustin. There was so much pain evident in her eyes that it was physically hurting me to see her like this.

"Jackob" my name rolled off her tongue. Hearing my name from her did something at the pit of my stomach and my heart beat sped up. I know I shouldn't feel like this for her. She is my best friend's wife I have no right to feel like this. I am feeling as if I am betraying Agustin.

I have tried hard to maintain my distance from her but one look from her and all my resolve broke away at this moment I didn't care about anything other then for comforting her no matter what the consequences be.

"Onika"I said. She stood up and immediately wiped her tears away. Trying to appear strong. Though all of us know that Agustin won't rest till he gets what he wants but still she is here fighting him to others that may sound childish but How much I respect her for holding her grounds.

I went near her and told her to sit on the chair and gave her a glass of water. I took another chair and sat beside her. She was still hiccuping. Her eyes were s

ut, Agustin is not letting her go, money is just an excuse.

" Okay then kindly inform my new fucker of a boss I have made my decision. I will work for him till I pay the debt." She sounded tired and defeated like a broken doll. My hands were itching to hold her in my arms and console her that every thing will be all right.

We reached her home she was about to get out of the car but suddenly Out of no where she asked"How did Agustin came to know about Alex."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Onika I..I.. actually Agustin told me to do a background check on sorry."

"you told him! You helped that psychopath! I thought at least you are different from them but now I know why you, Agustin and Xavier were best friends. You all are same."

"Onika please listen..."before I can compleat my sentence She opened the door and closed it with a bang and I just sat there dumbstruck by the sudden change of event. How can she compare me with Xavier?! Maybe she is not in her right mind. Screw you Agustin De Luca. You can go fuck yourself. I am not helping you in ruining her life any further best friend or not.


Hello guys..there is a sad news. . I am having my exams soon. If I don't study seriously I am gonna fail. So, I may not be able to update for a while. But believe me if I get time in between I will definitely try to update. I am really really sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope you all enjoyed the chapter.

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