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   Chapter 16 I will make you mine...again.

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Agustin's pov....

"Get up" she abruptly said her tone dripping with venom.

"Baby ple.." she didn't let me finish

"I said get the fuck up" she semi shouted.

I didn't like her tone at all but I know her anger is justified so I controlled myself and stood up. I don't want to hamper my only chance at getting together because of my impulsive nature.

"You will do anything I say right?" A spark of hope ignited in my heart.

"Yes, baby anything you just have to ask." I said desperately Cupping her cheeks. Even a simple touch is driving me crazy how much I have missed her touch. I will do anything for her absolutely anything.

"I want you to get out of my life for forever, don't show me you disgusting face ever again." her voice didn't waver for once before saying that.

My heart shank hearing that. "Please Onika don't do this to me. Anything but that. I am not saying you just forgive me right away but at least give me a chance to prove myself ."

She snarled in disgust "I deserve better than you. If I ever love again I assure you it will never be you." She said with conviction in her voice.

Enough now this is getting on my nerves. She is testing my patience. How dare she even think about someone else. She can take as much time she wants to forgive me but thinking about someone else how dare she?

"May be you do but get this through your head I am not only gonna kill the fucker who as much as look at you but I am gonna ruin his whole family as well and do not forget that you are still my wife ."

She arched a brow at me and said "That will change soon I want divorce and I will not rest until I get one".

I started laughing hard at that. "Thanks God and here I thought I have lost my old Onika but there we go your sense of humour is still in its full glory. Oh god that has to be one of the best joke I have heard in years."

She glared at me as if I have grown two heads."Wait a minute you are serious aren't you? "i said in a dangerous voice.

Her lips curved into a vicious cold smile and she said with confidence" I don't need your permission for that. It is not up to you anymore I could easily get a divorce for what you have done to me".

Her naiveness is sometimes really irritating"Oh my sweet little princess don't know what to call you innocent or stupid. Of course it is upto me is it not?"

I flashed my signature sinister smile" I would like to see you try, that would be fun. Let me see who have the audacity to represent you going against me in the court and I assure you dear wifey you aren't gonna find any one because any one who

en't spoken and tried to hide my best that how much her vulnerability is affecting me" I want you to chose wisely Alex is too small to live without a mother in this world full of monsters."

As she understood my silent threat tears broke free from her eyes."ple..please... Agustin..not Alex.. don't drag him into all this he is just a small child..I am begging you please just let me go don't do this to me."

It's killing me to see her like this but I know it has to be done the sooner the better." I am not doing this Onika you are making me do this. It doesn't have to be like this we can be happy again you just have to say yes and leave the rest upto me."

"I can never be happy with you can't you see that." Her voice cracked.

"Ok if this is what you want then I give you 24 hours to decide."

She was sobbing badly. She slid on the floor brought her knees closer to her chest and cried. I didn't stop her I know she needs to understand that now there is no way out. My heart was getting heavy bit by bit I didn't wanted this to be like this. I was stupid to think that it would be easy. Though I don't blame her I know I have fucked up big time but I am way to selfish to let her go. I can't live without her.

I just knew I have to get out of here as soon as possible seeing her like this on the floor crying hysterically is killing me. I don't want her to know how vulnerable I am right now. So I hardened my heart and said my parting words.

"I want you to get this through your head for once and forever 'I will make you mine...again' nothing in this world will change that. If you want it the hard way then it is upto you."with that I walked out of there as fast as I can before giving her a second glance. .

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