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   Chapter 15 the truth.

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Onika's pov....

I wasn't interested in his acts all I wanted to know was"how?" I spoke aloud this time.

"I didn't get you, love"I wanted to laugh at his choice of endearment but refrained myself. "How did you get to know the truth." I clarified.

He gulped the saliva down his throat and started speaking"My mother confessed. She was suffering from terminal stage of cancer when she confessed. She thought that after she throws you out of my life I will get another girl who will be deserving of me. Her words not mine. But I was never able to get you out of my mind. I wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't talk to anyone. She felt guilty and accepted the fact that I can never be happy without you and told me the truth."

He knows the truth just like that. Not my begging, not my pleading, not my crying, not my love, I spent my days and nights to make him believe that but all it took was a word from his mother.How the same words coming out of different people can make such big difference just a word from his mother and he knows. It was as simple as that. It is very well said that trust is the foundation of any relationship which Agustin never had in me.

I was feeling as if a heavy weight has been put to the place where my heart was supposed to be as all the memories of that night which ruined my life came gushing at me all at once no matter how hard I tried to bury it deep inside I still remember everything as if it happened yesterday.


I was returning home after shopping for our Ist marriage anniversary which was just two days away. I was planning a dinner date with Agustin. I was really excited about it.

Now it has been Three years since I have known him. At first I used to take him for an arrogant egoistical bastard and may be he is to the world but once you come to know him properly he is not bad at heart and my perception of him also changed with time from that to the present Agustin whom I love with everything in me. As unbelievable as it sounds but he is sweet little caring husband. He is every thing I need.

When he proposed me I was overwhelmed with happiness. But I was really anxious about our marriage. I was so scared about how will I adjust keeping in mind difference in our status and background. But it wasn't that bad except for Agustin's mother she always saw me as a gold digger. I don't blame her she loves Agustin

ustin when he came in my life he became my world when I married him we vowed to be with each other for eternity. I thought he would be my rock, someone I can lean on.

Oh god how wrong I was. I did a great disservice to myself marrying this spineless creature. The least he could have done was to investigate into the matter before coming to conclusions. Even if not that he could have given me divorce like a normal person. But Agustin De Luca is anything but normal He is a fucked up psychopath.

Now he has the audacity of saying that he is sorry just like that as if he is guilty of snatching a chocolate from a two year child. He is asking me what will it take for me to forgive him. How do I answer that. Nothing he could do or say will ever make me forgive him. Now the only thing I want from him is to be left alone. To be free of him, to never see his loathsome face ever again.

I want a life if not full of love then at least where I don't have nightmares every time I close my eyes. Where I don't always have to look back to see that no one is following me, where I don't have to check five times that whether I have locked the door properly before going to bed. I want to live again. He will do anything right?Then I will tell him exactly what he needs to do. Let us see Agustin how sorry you really are.


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