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   Chapter 14 he knows

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Onika's pov....

How can I be so stupid I should have anticipated something like this would happen as soon as I heard of this 'new boss' facade. I should have ran away with Alex far away from here even before he arrived. I am trapped now. How do I run away with these two hawk keeping an eye on me.

He haven't changed a bit. How can he threaten everyone's job like that. He is still the same immoral bastard. Then again what else did I expected out of him he was never a good person I was just too love sick to admit that. I can't believe I married this sick person of my own free will. I should have thrown the ring right at his face when he proposed to me. Now It's my fault that everyone's job is in danger. If not for me he wouldn't have ever come here. May be he is doing this to get at me for running away.

My attention was diverted as someone knocked at my door."come in."

"You are miss Onika Coulin?" It was Agustin's assistant, I know because after Agustin's speech he gave us a lecture on a whole list of fucked up rules we need to follow if we want to save our jobs.

" Yes I am." I said in a timid voice because I know where it's gonna lead.

"I am James Knight, Mr Agustin's assistant." he said in a tone that even a deaf will deduce how proud he was of it. Even his face was dripping with arrogance.

' And unfortunately I am his wife you idiot but see there is nothing to be proud of it. If anything you should be ashamed of working for a monster like him.' I wanted to shout at him and knock some sense in his tiny brain but restrained myself. Shouting at him won't do me any good. I need to pull my shit together and think of a way out.

Fuck I knew this was going to happen I can't avoid him for much longer. Whom am I fooling now there is no way out. I need to be strong and face him. I can't always run away like a thief every time at least not with Alex at my back.

And anyways there is no where to run he will chase me to the end of the world just for his own sadistic pleasure. The only thing I know is that with out his approval I can't get rid of him. It's only he who can free me of himself now there is no denying that. I need to convince him to leave me alone and I have no damn idea how I am going to do that.

His assistant was giving me an impatient look"Okay, how can I help you" I feigned innocence I clearly know why he is here. "You have been summoned by Mr. Agustin in his office. I can escort you if you want." The urgency in his voice clearly showed that he will loose his job if I didn't go with him. Well I already have the burden of many people's job on my shoulder I don't want to add to the list. So I took a deep breath and said. "After you."

As I lifted my hand to knock at his cabin door. I realized my hands were shaking badly. I steadied myself, I don't want him to know how scared I am.I took a deep breath remembering Alex's s

amn sorry it's not you who need to do anything it's me tell me just tell me what do I have to do to earn your forgiveness and I will do it no matter whatever it is." He was clutching on my waist so tight as if his life depended on it. He looked like an innocent child who will blindly do whatever I say for my forgiveness but, I knew better this is all just an act. He isn't even capable of repentance.

I don't believe this is the same person whose mere name gives me goose bumps. At this very moment he looked so vulnerable and broken. He was still on his knees and I didn't even tell him to get up. Because it doesn't matter now.

In the past I would have done anything to free him from this pain but when it mattered to me he didn't cared and now I don't. I always used to wake up in the morning with the hope that may be he will realise his mistake and free me from this hell but that day never came. Now his mistakes are to the extent of sins.

The only thing that mattered now was how? in the past I have asked this question every single second of a minute to myself that how do I make him believe me but nothing worked.I wasn't interested in his acts all I wanted to know was"how?" I spoke aloud this time.


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