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   Chapter 13 And then it happened.

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Onika's pov....

When I reached office it was exceptionally quiet. What the hell happend here over night? I checked my watch I was already 10 minutes late. Why haven't any one arrived yet. Is it a holiday or what? But if it would have been so, sir would surely have informed me about it.

Then I saw a security guard coming towards me. Before he could speak anything I asked him "where is everyone Robert."

"Mam everyone is in the seminar room".

" why so?"I asked as it was a bit unusual for whole of the office being called like this without any prior notice of any event.

"Mam I don't know the details I was just told to inform everyone"

This is weird. Usually the security guards over here are the most well informed person about what's happening around. "Okay I am going there thanks for informing me."with that I left for the seminar room.

Whole crowd of my office members were gathered there, and there was commotion and chaos everywhere. Everyone was looking confused just like me.

"Hey! Onika you are here."one of my colleague and good friend Lyla came rushing to me. "Yes, but what is happening here?"

"Just now the COO came and announced that the company has been sold to some business tycoon and he will be here any minute. The COO went to receive him."

"What! How come? I mean why weren't we informed before and every thing was just going fine with the company why will Theodore sir sell the company to someone just like that." Something is really wrong. People don't just sell their company to someone over night and definitely not a company which is in profit and I have known sir for two year he was very devoted to his work and very attached to this company.

"I don't know. I am really afraid. What about our job security will the new owner fire us all?"she asked in a frightened voice.

"NO! Of course not, he can't do that to us and Theodore sir must have had an agreement with the new owner. He just can't disappear on us like this without offering us any job security." Oh god what kind of coward does that? We are walking here on thin ice and he is no where to be seen.

Moreover I am already in debt of this company. What if the new owner asks me to pay it all at once? Oh God no tell me he can't do that after all I have a contract drawn to pay it off in one years. He can't go against the contract that must be illegal. I am not having a good feeling about all this.

Then suddenly I remembered I haven't asked who the new owner is. As I was about to ask Lyla, Our COO entered with a man whom I can't see clearly as he was surrounded by nearly 20 bodyguards in black uniform from all sides but, I presume is our new owner.

He was walking towards the dais probably to introduced himself. Now his back was to me. He motioned his guards and others to stand there by the side as he reached the dais.

He turned toward the crowd And then it happened, a wave of cold fear ran down my spine, my breathing caught in my lungs, I felt like my heart stopped beating, a lone tear slipped from my eyes as I realized I was directly looking into the eyes of the reason behind my nightmares, Agustin Deluca. I was shivering with fear by the time I realized what it means. He found me and he won't spare me this time for running away. He will

clench my teeth. He is right.

There was a knock again. It must be my Assistant."wait a minute outside." I shouted at him.

I inhaled and exhaled two three times to calm myself he is right. Now I get his point. I myself saw how scared she was as soon as she saw me but still I did that. What is wrong with me how can I be such a dumbass. Fuck I will never repeat it again screw this, everyone can have their job if they want I will pay them even if they don't do any work.

"You are right I am sorry I shouldn't have done that I need to change my ways and I am trying okay? It is how I have worked for years but I get that my ways are wrong I can't keep on continuing it anymore I got it. It won't happen again." I accepted my fault with honesty.

"It better not. Look Agustin I am no enemy of yours I just want to help you, you need to handle things with care okay? she is already very broken give her time to heal and be patient with her. I know it's against your nature and you have been waiting for this for a long time but you need to take things slow and don't push her too much give her time to adjust to the sudden change of events rather than giving her all the new reasons for fearing you.okay?

"I got you bro I will do just that. Thank you so much." I genuinely thanked him for making me realize my mistake. He patted my shoulder and said good luck and went out of my cabin.This is why I respect him so much no matter what he will always say what is good for me.

"Hey! Your assistant is standing out side shall I send him in." Came Jacob's voice.

"Oh yes, send him in." I totally forgot about him.

"How may I help you sir."

"I want you to send Mrs. Onica De.. I mean Coulin to my cabin within 5 minutes or else you are fired" aggrr I did it again but, the fact that I have to call her Onika Coulin is getting on my nerves. This has to be changed soon. My assistant's eyes widened at that but he managed to say"Ok sir." and strode out of the cabin as fast as possible.

I am sure by now she must have tried to runaway so I had already send two of my bodyguards to keep an eye on her. My heart was beating wild in anticipation any minute she will be here.

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