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   Chapter 12 I need a plan.

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Updated: 2018-07-14 02:02

Agustin's pov....

I am staying in a hotel nearby the company in which Onika is currently working. Though I can't control the beast in me who is urging me to meet her right now and take her back with me far away from here but I can't rush things like that. I know thing will be back to normal gradually and I need to be patient I can't scare her off.

I know as soon as she sees me she is gonna run away as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Therefore I bought Blake corporation.

Buying the company from that bastard Theodore Blake and his idiot father wasn't an easy job. Jacob being the sweet self was just not able to handle it so I had to take the matter in my I own hands. Though I had my own share of fun in doing so. Both of them were reluctant in selling their company but after I offered his father 20 times more the market price he agreed to it but that fucker of his son just won't give up and as the fucker has a major portion of share in the company I had to do something.

He kept blabbering something about sentimental values and crap. If I ever come to know that his so called sentimental values in any way relate to my onika then oh dear lord help that fucker because no one can save him from me I am gonna give him the worst death possible. He is lucky that he is still alive. If not for Jacob I would have literally killed that son of a bitch. That photo of his with my princess in his arm is still burning my whole being.

I had to blackmail that fucker into selling me his company and I enjoyed every single second of it. It was fun seeing that fucker so helpless. I threatened him so either he gave up on his company with all the money in hand or I do it my way. I can have their whole family bankrupt in a night span. By the morning they will find themselves on the streets. I can buy all their shareholders without even producing a dent in my pocket.

Finally that bastard understood that he is in no position to deny me what I want. How sad I thought I could have some more fun by putting that to theory infact that would have been my first retort instead of offering them money but this moral friend of mine just won't let me do it being the saint he is.

But the worst part is simply buying the company is even not the solution because I know as soon as she finds o

file and was surprised to know she has taken a loan of 55 thousand doller from the company for Alex's medical treatment but what was bothering me was no company lend their employ so much of money then why her. If it is what I think then Theodore Blake is in deep shit. I need to know. She is bound to the company until she pay the debt which I guess will take around a year with her present rate of earning. A sinister smile formed its way to my lips.

"Agustin please take it easy on her. Please don't scare her again." Oh god how does he always know what I am thinking. But instead of answering him I proceeded with my thoughts ignoring him.

This means she can't leave the company and if she does then I could easily threaten her to send her behind the bars. Of course I won't do it but she doesn't need to know that. I am sure she can't afford that having a baby to take care of.

Though I pray I won't have to do that. It would be a low blow. It may jeopardize my chances of having her back even more and moreover I don't want to give her any more pain after all I have already done enough damage I don't need to elongate the list. I will be doomed if I will ever be the reason for her suffering again but I need to have a backup and leverage against her.

Sorry baby I know it's gonna hurt but believe me I will make every thing right with time till that I will have to use any way I can to stop you from leaving. If the child it is then so be it.

I just Can't wait to see her angelic face again. It is gonna be a long night...

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