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   Chapter 11 I am doomed

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Onika's pov.....

Alex was finally recovering. These past couple of days were like hell to me. I didn't sleep for two nights but after I knew that Alex's operation went successful I felt like a ton of weight had been lifted from my heart. Though I am still feeling restless after what happened to Alex and also between me and my boss. I don't know how I am daily gonna face him and the fact that I am stuck with this company for another year to pay off my dept to him isn't helping either.

Though I hate to admit it but the best way to calm my heart is to think about my good days with Agustin, the days when I was unaware of the monster that he is. . .

I drove as fast as I could to reach for the interview I was already running half an hour late. Oh God why did I have to meet that idiot today of all day.

I want this job so bad. After so much of hard work and sleepless nights I have reached up to here no way in hell I am gonna let it pass.

I parked my car and ran as fast as my legs would allow to the reception area.

"Excuse me I am Onika Coulin I am here for...."

"Oh so you are miss Onika I was wondering where were you. You are late miss.."

"I know. I am really sorry I got stuck in traffic"

"Well you are lucky even our CEO, Mr. Agustin is late today which rarely happens."

Phew! I sighed in relief and took my place beside my other competitors. There were a total five of us. Every one was looking really elegant and high class and of course have got to be highly qualified to reach Upto this level. I know I am in for a tough competition. Usually I am very confident of myself but right now I am feeling like a nut ready to crack at another time. I myself am not lacking in qualifications but my main drawback is my lack of experience.

Nearly after 10 minutes a voice came" sir is here "

Everyone went as rigid as a stick. Not a single sound was to be heard.

Then the receptionist started giving us the instructions.

"All of you will be give a token and key card. The token represents the serial number in which you will be interviewed and the key card which you need to show to the security guard before the elevator number two. Any queries." She said in a monotony.

'Well yeah I wanted to also is he a president or what?? I mean who the hell need such tight security in an already well protected building.' But of course I kept my mouth shut I didn't want the interview to end even before starting.

When no one spoke anything she continued.

"So all the best to you all and there is a tip for you all answer only as much is asked of you, stay confident don't go stuttering like an amateur and most important for the ladies sitting over here if you think that flirting will work then you have got another thing coming. To sum up one wrong s

I was on the ninth cloud but wait a second. No no no I am not getting good vibes about it. I narrowed my eyes at him and blurted out "what are you playing at."

He raised his one brow at me, amusement never leaving his face." I didn't expected that usually when I say some one 'you are hired' they are like thanking me and telling me they won't disappoint me and all those shits. This is a new one."

"Oh come on I am not that naive of course you are playing with me. I have heard you fire staffs just because they didn't put right amount of sugar in your coffee and here we are after having a full session of cat fight with you, you are telling me I am hired. Just like that. What's the catch?"

" let me get this straight. You will rather have another round of cat fight with me than accepting the job then I am in for it. The choice is yours. What will it be."

Oh god I can't let this chance slip from my hands. Whatever it is I am ready for the challenge. I have worked way to hard for this to let it go so, I answered without hesitation " the job it is."

"Good decision. Very well then. I will tell my secretary to give you the appointment letter. Be here tomorrow on 8:00 am sharp. I hate late comers. You can go now. See you tomorrow."

"Thanku sir" with that I left his office with a big smile plastered on my face. . . .

I woke up because of sudden commotion and realized that it was already morning. I have to resume my work from today. I don't want to go at all but I have to. I have already delayed it very much and more over Alex is fine now. His nanny can take care of him. But I don't know why I am having these negetive vibes about going to the office. May be I am overthinking, may be it's just because I don't want to leave Alex and anyways no way in hell my life could get any worse.

With that I left for the office.

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