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   Chapter 10 when we first met.

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Updated: 2018-07-13 18:03

Agustin's pov.....

Half an hour later I was sitting in my private jet all excited that i am gonna met my princess soon. How will she react I am sure she is gonna be petrified. And after she discovers that I am her new boss i guess she is gonna have a fit. My mouth twitched and heart was beating like a hammer in anticipation

Christ, I am behaving like a teenager with raging hormones but I can't control it I just don't believe this tomorrow I will lay my eyes on my princess after two fucking long years.

To calm my heart a bit so that it won't come out of my rib cage I started thinking about our old days together. Those days which were not tainted by my torture.

When I first met her...

I was late for my office ahh I hate being late moreover, today I have to interview for my PA position as I have fired the previous one who was less of a PA and more of a gold digging tramp throwing her self all over me though I must agree she was a good fuck but it was getting out of hand she was acting as if she is my girlfriend so I had to fire her.

Well I don't blame her acknowledging the fact I am one of the most eligible bachelor. Though my impression is that of a ruthless and self centered business man.

Girls go all crazy over me. Their isn't a single girl whom I can't get in my whole of 25years life span. I am still waiting for the girl who can resist me I guess that would be fun but I don't think any such hypothetical girl exists.

Now let me have a few things clear about myself. I have got every thing in my life that one can wish for. I have a very loving and caring mom whom I love more than my life. My dad died when I was eighteen.

I have two best friend who are like my brother I never had, Jacob and Xavier

I trust them with my life and my mother also love them just like her own son we are like a small family. These three people are the most important people in my life. I can happily die for them.

My thoughts came to a halt as I noticed petrol level of my car was coming to an end. Well that mean

hat does she think I am some four year child. Hold on description of this boss sounds like me. Wait a minute can it be??A smirk automatically appeared on my lips as realization hit me. Now it would be fun.

"May I know which company is it."

"Not that it's any of your business but it's De Luca corporation." She said with chin up and proud in her eyes as if she had won some fucking lottery .she saw my amused expression and confused it with awe.

"Yes yes I know what you are thinking after all not many qualify for this interview. You know what, the interview takes place at different levels and I had already qualified two levels and the COO is very positive that I will get the job today is the last round by the CEO himself."

I could see the nervousness and excitement in her voice and I could bet that this interview is important to her by the hope I see in her eyes. And she is right she must be very good to reach upto here and my COO doesn't get impressed easily so I guess she must be very good.

"Ok so I advice you to hurry up because I have heard of the CEO he is very moody and aggressive kind of person so I wish u luck."

"Well thank you I guess I need it."

With that she went off not knowing what the future holds for her.

But one thing I am sure about she is going to be my new PA.

This is what we call payback is a bitch.

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