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   Chapter 9 Finally found you

Grieving Hearts By Ricky Donna Characters: 5672

Updated: 2018-07-13 18:03

Agustin's pov....

Someone knocked at my door. Oh god now is not the time I am sure whosoever it is, is gonna loose his job I am not in a good mood right now.

"Come in" I seethed.

It was my PI. I warned him to show his face only if he found my princess does that mean? HOLY FUCK! It can't it possible that he found Onika?

My heart started beating so fast all of a sudden that I thought it may come out of my chest.

"What is it just spit it fast."I said with urgency in my voice.

"I found her" he replied grinning and chuckling at me as if he has won the biggest lottery.....which he apparently have.

"W..wa..WhatjQuery21409110478174970154_1540872640184"I was stuttering for the first time in my life. I wasn't able to believe my ears."where is she just tell me damn it"

"She is working as a PA in Blake corporation under Theodore Blake."

Hearing her name with some other male makes me see red. Did they like each other? After all who won't like her? She is beautiful, sweet, caring, intelligent.

What if she has already moved on without me? Which is highly probable after the shitty way I have treated Onika. No I can't let that happen. And if it is so I am gonna kill this bastard after torturing him in the worst possible way. If he dare touch what's mine I am gonna cut his balls and feed him in front of his whole office. I have heard of this guy he is the son of Edward Blake one of my business associates.

"Are you sure because if your information is false you are dead."

"No sir I am as sure as my name" he said with confidence and passed me a magazine and said " look at this".

I can't believe my eyes my princess is staring back at me. A smile on

k book and signed the biggest check of my life and handed it to my PI.

His eyes widened and it looked like he was about to faint.

"You did a good job, you may leave now".He nodded at me said thank you and left with a big smile and relive on his face.

I called Jacob immidiatly "jack I want you to buy Blake corporation. I don't care how much it costs or whether they are ready or not I want it done by hook or by crook and if they do not agree then threaten them or do me a favour just kill them but whatever the fuck you do I want it done by tomorrow. And keep the information confidential. I don't want the staffs to know just yet that who is their new owner."

"Agustin, what are you plann..." I cut him off and said "don't worry I will explain everything to you later."

Then I called my secretary" I want my private jet ready right now."

I am coming for you....and this time I promise you that what ever it costs me I am gonna earn your forgiveness. I can't loose you again. Never. Period.

A smile formed on my lips and I left my office with that.

I am coming for you baby just hold your breath.........

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