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   Chapter 8 He is not that bad after all

Grieving Hearts By Ricky Donna Characters: 5461

Updated: 2018-07-13 18:03

Onika's pov.....

I froze at my place when his lips captured mine in a desperate kiss. It became harder for me to breath. The only thing that ran over my mind was 'you are doing it for Alex so please don't puke, don't puke.'

He suddenly bit on my lower lips hard and I gasped in pain he took the chance to enter my mouth. Exploring each and every reassess Of my mouth thoroughly as if he has waited for the moment for too long and want to savour each and every moment. I could say he was trying hard to provoke a response out of me but I wasn't able to do any thing I was just standing as a statue all I wanted was for this torture to over.

He finally released a frustrated sigh and said " don't you think you can do better than that?"

He said in an angry voice. I started panicking what if he back off from the offer? No, no, no I can't let that happen.

" please don't get angry I..I will do better." Even if it kills me.

He kissed me again and I just moved my lips to match his rhythm swallowing the bile rising in my throat. After what felt like hours he broke the kiss and both of us were panting for air. When I looked into his eyes I was able to see a satisfied glint their.

"Good girl" he said with satisfaction as if I am his pet, this made my blood boil but I knew better then to react 'now is not the time.' I enchanted in my mind.

" I am finally going to make you mine."

That brought freash tears in my eyes and I gave him a pleading look.

He looked at me intensely for a minute. I could see the struggle in his eyes as if fighting over something. He closed his eyes for a while when

self to do it because of the look of fear, desperation and disgust in your eyes is always going to haunt me."

As I was about to open my mouth he interrupted" don't worry about the money. I know you won't take my money just like that. So we will do it your way. Meet me in my office in two hours. I will tell my lawyer to keep the contract ready. You are to work for my company till the debt is paid which may take a year or so."

I looked at him in disbelief. It took some time to sink everything in. When I looked at him and found no hint of humour I finally asked" you are serious right?"

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Argghhh, Why can't you just believe me for once women."

I visually sagged in relief and I looked at him with so much emotion that I am sure he must have known how thankful I am for this.

Then I mouthed a genuine "thank you" to which he gave a nod and said "now get the hell out of here before I regret my decision."

That did it I strode out of his apartment with the speed of light wearing my t shirt my last thought were he is not that bad after all.

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