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   Chapter 7 Sleep with me

Grieving Hearts By Ricky Donna Characters: 6685

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He opened the door at the very first knock. As if eagerly waiting for my arrival.

He is wearing a black T shirt and Faded blue jeans, looking at me intently

He continued looked at me for a few seconds or so with concern in his eyes then finally spoke "Oh my god Onika what happend to you you are looking a complete mess are you all right?"

"" I was not able to form any coherent word. I was not able to control the tears rolling down my eyes and my voice was hoarse due to sobbing hard for the previous two hours.

"Relax sweetie just relax come inside why don't we sit and talk" he said softly as if he genuinely cares.

He made me sit on a couch and bought a glass of water for me.

"Drink it and compose your self first, okay? Then we will talk." Saying that he sat on the couch close to me or I rather say closer the my comfort zone.

I gulped the whole glass in one go, feeling a bit better. And took three, four deep breaths.

"Now tell me what is the matter." He asked.

"Sir, my baby is in the hospital, to save his life doctors are saying he must undergo surgery and I have to pay the amount within 24 hours or else he may die." Saying that I started sobbing hard, again.

He came closer to me and caught my chin in his hand and started whipping my tears with his thumb almost lovingly...almost.

"Ok how much money do you need."

"55 thousand dollars."I said looking down. I know it's a big amount of money but nothing for him, it won't even cause a dent in his pocket and moreover I will return all his money as soon as possible. But I know it won't be that easy I can feel the upcoming thunder.

He raised an eyebrow in surprise and said " that's a generous amount of money, as the CEO of the company I can lend you 10 or 12 thousand dollers but...."

I cut him off in between "I know sir but please sir, please I promise I will work hard and pay back all your money. But please don't say no I desperately need money. I beg of you please." By th

ou after all you are being paid a generous amount for it." He said harshly.

I froze at my place just realising what I have done. I had just thrown my last hope of saving Alex out of the window just because of my ego. No I can't let this happen.

"I will do it."

"What, come again." I could tell by his expression that he was shocked.

"I said I will do it."

"Are you sure I don't want you changing your decision after I have gone to far. I don't want to take a cold shower in winters. So tell me for sure you can't back off once you have agreed to it." He did nothing to hide the fact that he was irritated.

"Yes I am sure I won't take it back."I said with determination knowing that I don't have any other choice. If this is what it takes to save Alex then so be it there is no backing off now.

"Very well then when do you want to do it."

"The sooner the better. I am ready to do it right now if that's not a problem."

He gave me a sinister smile and said" Eager much are wejQuery214011699828143930135_1540876132458" He said teasingly.

"Eager my foot I just want to get it over with and I need the money within 24hours so just let's finish it."

"Ok then as you wish. I am as ready as ever. I have waited for you too long."

"So let's seal the deal with a kiss." With that he caught my lips with his.

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