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   Chapter 6 Not my baby please

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Updated: 2018-07-13 18:01

Onika's pov.....

Finally it's Sunday. I just love Sundays actually who doesn't, it's the only day I get to spend time with Alex. So I gave Shira the day off so that I can spend some time with him alone.

He is now nearly three years old and really hard to handle he is one hell of a naughty child. Right now I am running behind him with a food bowl in my hand.

He gave me a sinister smile and started running away.

"You love giving mummy a chase don't you. Wait let me catch you once, then you will have to finish the whole bowl I am not gonna have any of your tantrums today." Saying that I started running behind him.

As I was about to catch him he collided with the wall with full force, his eyes were on me and he didn't see the wall in front of him and before I could stop him it was too late. I ran towards him, panicking.

Oh my god I don't know what was happening but he started bleeding through nose and he wasn't opening his eye.

I immediately rushed towards the nearest hospital.The doctors admitted him and told me to wait outside.

'Oh god please not again, I can't lose my child. Please any thing but this.

I can't live without him please god I beg of you. Please don't punish my child for my sins '.

I do not know what happend all of a sudden, it was just a minor trauma babies of his age surely go through this type of trauma everyday so what happend to him all of a sudden.

I was waiting outside for nearly one hour with my fingers crossed and heart beating furiously. No no nothing is gonna happen to him it's just a minor trauma the doctor will come out any moment and inform me he is fine and I can take him home.

Finally the doctor came out and I rushed to him.

"Miss. Onika Coulin are you the mother of the child right."

"Y..yes sir what happend will he be alright." I was holding my breath.

"Miss. Coulin, did he suffered from some short of viral illness

ll you that over phone I have to meet you please I won't take much of your time."

There was a malignant pause before he replied "Ok you can come to my apartment. Shall I send my car to pick you up?"

"Thanku sir but that won't be needed just text me your address."

"Ok then ."

After a minute or so I received his message. It won't take me more then half an hour to reach there. I immidiatly took a taxi and prepared my self for what was about to come. I know if I want to see Alex alive I need to keep my self strong and that's all that matters and I am ready to pay the price for it.

Mustering all my courage I knocked at his door.

To be continued....


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