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   Chapter 5 Happy birthday

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Updated: 2018-07-13 18:01

Agustin's POV.....

Someone knocked at my door "come in" I yelled. It was my PA with a coffee mug and some files in her hand which I told her to bring. She was looking nervous about some thing.

She was simply standing there clutching her skirt nervously." You may leave now" I snapped at her.

"S..Si..Sir". She stuttered

"What is it, just spit it out" I said, annoyed.

"No sir actually umm.. ha..happy birthday" she stuttered again.

"Just get out of here right now" I shouted and she immediately ran out of my office with tears in her eyes.

I know that I am being a jerk but I can't help it. The memory of my last birthday with Onika came to my mind and I just lost it. I hate myself even more than before.

I do not deserved to be wished happy birthday, I do not deserve to be happy ever again.

I remember how Onika always used to make cake and cards on her own and hand made gifts. And she always used to say 'I don't have much money so I am sorry I know its not much, nothing I front of those expensive gifts that u get but I still hope you like it.'

Even though her bank account was attached to mine and I gave her several of credit cards but she still always used to gift me from her own money.

And lord did I like it? I fucking loved it, each and everyone of them.

And she never failed to fascinate me with her creativity those gifts were so beautiful and full of love. They were the best. No one has ever thought that much about me they just bought some expensive useless gifts but she used to spend hours making them for me.

When I recall that last birthday with her I feel such self hatred. I just want to break something so I just threw the

aud.she pulled me out of my thought and started speaking again.

"How silly of me to think that. of course you hate it. Why would any one like it. I should have known you better than that.

But then again it was not your fault how can I be so stupid to think that you will like it when you have world's most expensive things at your feet.

How can I be so stupid. I am sorry those were not good enough for you I will keep that in mind from now on. It will never happen again."with that she gave me a look which said 'we are over for good' and turned to leave.

I thought to stop her to yell at her but don't know why I was not able to move.


Just to clarify I would like to mention here that this incidence has occured before that of Chapter 3 and 4 (the nightmare). The Chapters of the book are not in the order in which it took place but rather as the characters of the story are remembering it.

Though I am going to cut short the part of their past for now, much of it will be revealed in the latter half of the story.

Lots of love, jQuery21409110478174970154_1540872640184


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