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   Chapter 4 The nightmare(part-2)

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Onika's POV Continued.....

My eyes widened as I saw what he was carrying, Dog's food.

Tears started blurring my vision, yet again.

He kept it on the floor and said, "Get on all fours and start eating, what are you waiting for" he ordered, raising a brow at me as if daring me to defy him.

I stood there still as a statue thinking, thinking how would I ever go back to being normal from this point on. The fact that was hurting me the most was realising that Agustin never actually loved me, not even before the misunderstanding.

Everything was fake, he was faking everything. He asked me, 'even after the way he loved me how can I betrayed him like this', It's a pity that Agustin doesn't realise he never really loved me. Because you may hurt the person you love, but you don't destroy them. At least not deliberately.

He motioned me to get down on the floor.

It ignited a fire within me and I wanted to burn him in it. I could feel my heart roaring in my ears. Enough. I have had enough. I can't take it any more.

"No. I. Won't, " I chewed on every word. He looked at me with murder in his eyes. But it doesn't scar me anymore, anyways what is left to loose anymore? My self respect is already crumpled into pieces. My love is already crumpled into pieces.

"Enough is enough. I am not doing anything you say anymore. I hadn't done anything wrong and I don't deserve to be treated like this, no one deserves to be treated like this. I want divorce, isn't that what normal people do Agustin? You think I have cheated on you, then go on divorce me and free us both from this hell."

At this everybody around me gasped in horror, afraid what will happen next, I wasn't allowed to answer back anymore or refuse him.

Something changed in Agustin's eyes, something scary. But to my surprise he started laughing hard. "You think that I will let you go that easily then you don't know me at all. No one messes with me and walk freely, at least not alive" he grinned at me.

"Then that can be arranged kill me, rather I beg you please kill me. I can't stand being your wife for another second."

"No please no S-S-Sir pl..please have mercy on Ma'am, she is not in her right mind--" I looked up to see who spoke. Our head cook was now having tears in his eyes and shaking with fear.

Agustin moved with the speed of light and grabbed his neck.

"You are not here to interfere in my matters so just keep quite and watch the drama or else I will make your life even more miserable than her."

"Agustin leave him, he has nothing to do with this." He ducked his head towards me, and now I was afraid. The look on his face chilled my bones. He was acting like a maniac.

"No, you are right, he hasn't." He said and let him go, taking slow threatening steps towards me, "you have, " he completed when he was standing just inches away from me.

Grabbing my chin in a tight grip he said, " Onika, Onika, what should I do with you, Love? You ask me to kill you, if only I was feeling that merciful today, because believe me after I am done with you death will be a sweet pleasure...and mark my words if you tried to end your life I will not spare any one you love they all will die a fate even worse then yours."

I looked him in the eyes, holding his gaze this time. He will kill every one I have ever loved? If only he knew it was just him I had ever actually loved. My family is already dead. It was just him. Only him.

He pulled me by my arm and through gritted teeth he said, "So you are not going to eat it by yourself then let me do the honour"

He looked towards a servant and said "pass me the food bowl, right now".

One of them did with shaky hands, giving me a sympathetic look.

Agustin grabbed my cheeks and created enough pressure to break my jaw I whimpered in pain but kept my mouth shut. He slapped me hard across my left cheek, his ring making contact with my lips and it started bleeding.

Why is he still wearing the ring?! Before I can ponder on that thought he started forcing the food down my throat and when I choked on the food he said with fake concern, " Onika, are you all right? Do you need water? Wait a minute let me help you." He grabbed a glass of water and threw the water on my face.

I just stood there stupified. Then the front door suddenly opened and Jakob walked in. Without thinking I ran to him and clutched on him like my life depended on it.

It took Jacob a good amount of time to absorb every thing that was happening. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. Jacob does knew that things weren't right between me and Agustin after that misunderstanding, but what he didn't know was that, Agustin will ever physically abuse me. No one could have guessed Agustin was capable of doing that to me, in the past Agustin will get mad even by seeing tiniest of scratch on my body.

I felt a hand wrap around my back, protectively.

Then Jacob looked at Agustin and gave him a look of absolute loathing and disgust with the same eyes which once held so much of admiration for Agustin.

"You said Onika was not doing well that is why she was not able to come to the office, this is why she is not doing well?" Jacob seethed at Agustin.

"Jacob, you stay out of this is between Onika and me." Agustin's voice held a warning tone.

"No. It isn't. Onika is coming with me."

"You take one wrong step Jacob, and I will take it out on Onika, " I felt Jacob's whole body stiffen.

"Agustin don't make me take this to the police."

Agustin let out a mirthless laugh. "It's you saying that Jacob? You know I own the police, " I felt Jacob's hand fisting my shirt unconsciously.

"Onika is my legally wedded wife, no one is taking her away from me, no one. If you even try Jacob, you will be putting Onika in danger for nothing." Jacob's hold on me tightened.

But freeing myself I took few steps away from him and said, "Jacob, Agustin is right, it's between him and me."

"Onika--" he looked at me with pained expression.

"You heard him Jacob, don't make it worse for me than it already is." Saying that I turned my back to him, ignoring his shattered and helpless expression, making my heart bleed at the simple thought that he cared. Cared enough to stand against his childhood best friend. But it's going to be futile I knew.


I woke up when I heard Alex cry. I exhaled is

exasperation, when am I going to stop doing this?

The nightmare again.

The nightmares hadn't stopped since I had left Agustin. I was completely covered in sweat and I was finding it hard to breath.

All this nightmare opened up every wound in my mind as if it had happened yesterday itself.

I looked down at Alex and my lips morphed in the form of a sad smile. I consoled myself that the reason of my being is here, right here. Nothing else matters until he is with me I can over come anything.

Alex usually doesn't wake up at this hour I must have screamed. I lift him up and started soothing him to sleep.

"I am so sorry little one, Mamma disturbed your sleep, again. Sorry my baby go back to sleep please." He looked up at me and kept staring for a few seconds as if he could see through my inner turmoil. After a few minutes he visually relaxed and sleep took over him pretty soon

Now he must be around three years. I don't know his exact age but when I found him he looked so small.

So I celebrate his birthday the same day I found him. The same day I escaped Agustin.

I still remember that day very clearly.

After coming back from the hospital I felt so devastated as if my whole world has collapsed, crushed under Agustin's feet, ruthlessly. If it were in my hands I would curse Agustin to a faith worse than mine. To make him pay. To make him feel what I am feeling today.

A human so veil existed on Earth I never knew. Yesterday he went overboard with his tortures. Before yesterday his physical abuses were limited to a few slaps and keeping me hungry and cold, though on an emotional level it was completely something else. But I don't know what took over him yesterday, he came back as a raging beast and started hitting me.

He had a bad day in office loosing a very important project, he said I am the reason behind everything bad happening around him, then in the morning he was back to normal as if nothing happened, except for he won't meet my eyes anymore.

That ignited my anger to a notch higher. As he was going to the bathroom with his towel I stood in his way and asked, "What happened, you can't see the bruises you gave me? Not feeling like the man anymore who feels pride in beating up his helpless wife to a pulp? Can't even look at the ugly consequence you have created in the fit of your rage, then you are even more of a coward than I initially thought." My eyes were locked to his, he looked at me wordlessly, I almost saw a word forming on his lips, in his eyes. Sorry.

But without a word, stepping me aside he continued with his work and went away to attend another of his important meeting in Los Angeles, as if he didn't hit me half to death.

After he went away and the incidence that followed. I knew, I can't breathe under the same roof as Agustin.

I have to get away from him.

I tolerated every thing that, that bastard did to me. More like I had to, because I couldn't do anything. But not this, I swear I am never going to forgive Agustin Deluca after this. He is dead to me.

I thought of calling Jacob, but he must be with Agustin right now, in Los Angeles. I can't risk Agustin knowing that I am planning to escape.

I called John and pleaded him for help.

I know he can be in great trouble after this if, Agustin ever comes to know that he helped me escape.

But I just can't take this any more. I am feeling such intense pain in my chest that it's suffocating me, I am feeling as if my skull will burst open into two halves.

One of John's friend is in very high post in the airways. He arranged me tickets under fake name. And he told me he would erase every trace of me to keep me safe from Agustin.

Something was just not fitting, John does not possess such powers. Someone was helping him. Someone powerful, and I have known John for a long time now and I don't know of his association with anyone who can stand can stand against Agustin.

I thanked him endlessly and told him to take care of himself. If something happens to him I will never forgive myself. I know I am putting him in danger, something I never wanted to do. Something I never would have if it hadn't come to this.

I removed my wedding ring and kept it on the night stand beside Agustin's bedside.

Something tugged at my heart strings. The ring used to be my most cherished possession. Now it was just a mere reminder of my wrong decision.

After that I gave one last look to my room which once used to be my safe haven. In this last three months so much has changed.

I gave a last glance to Agustin's photo, tears forming in my eyes. For everything I have lost. For everything I will never feel again. Love. Love for Agustin.

There is just one thing I feel for him. Hate. Hate so strong that it's consuming my whole being, clouding my senses.

I gathered myself. Now is not the time.


I couldn't believe I was finally free. But the taste of freedom isn't that sweet anymore if you have nothing to live for.

My love, my happiness every thing is gone.

A sense of relief was surely there, but a sense of happiness. None.

I was feeling completely numb.

As if I was in a trance. All the events resurfacing one by one. Till I couldn't breathe. My throat completely clogged with emotions. Miseries. Grief.

My heart was grieving. Grieving with a sense of loss.

That was when I heard a baby crying. That sound penetrated my ears, lifting all the fog, bringing me back to my senses.


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