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   Chapter 2 Regret

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Agustin's POV...

I grabbed the Private Investigator by his throat and seethed at him, my eyes burning with pure rage at the repeated failure, "What the hell are you good for if you can't find a woman, with no resources whatsoever to hide herself from one of the best investigating team." I tightened my hold on his neck.

"I gave you enough time that's it, if I don't get Onika's whereabouts within a week you are as good as dead, understand?" I withdrew my hand from his throat and threw him on the floor.

He started choking and gasping for air. Ignoring the question I just asked, this time my voice increased by an octave "I. Asked. You. Something. "

"Ye-yes--Si-Sir" he stuttered.

"Good, now don't show me your face unless you have her address and don't forget you just have one week. Good luck"

He ran for the door as fast as his leg would allow.

As soon as he left I heard a knock.

I raked my hand through my messy hair to calm myself. "Come in." I finally said, gathering myself a bit. Just a bit. That's all I can manage without her being at my side.

It was Jacob, my best friend, the only person I trust now... apart from Onika. Even taking her name hurts. It hurts recalling all that I have done to her. Two bloody damn years and she is still missing. Where are you Onika, I am going insane without you, all I could see is your tormented face in front of my eyes. Ever time I close my eyes. Everyone I open them.

"Wow, what is it with you, that poor man was shivering from fear all over, what did you do?" he looked at me suspiciously.

"Nothing. At least not yet. But my patience is running thin, if he doesn't give me any results by the end of this week, he better hide himself with the same accuracy with which Onika did, or Lord help him." I said with bitterness.

Jacob rolled his eyes upwards as if asking for some strength to bear with me.

" Jesus, what is wrong with you, he is just doing his work--" I cut him off to come to the point.

"I think someone is helping Onika otherwise how can she manage to remain hidden for this long? After all it has been two years since we started our search, and God knows how many Private Investigators I have hired because I seriously have lost count. When she left me, she took nothing with her except for some of her old clothes. Not. Even. A. Penny...not even the wedding ring" I mumbled the last part to myself. Closing my eyes in sheer frustration and helplessness.

"Once I get my hands on who-so-ever he is, I am gonna show him what hell actually means I am not gonna spare anyone whoever tries to keep her from me"I voiced my thoughts.

"You will show him what hell means just like you showed Onika?" He questioned in a mocking voice, his lips curling downward in disgust.

Only Jacob has the audacity to talk to me like that, had it were anyone else, they would be six feet under.

And I do take whatever he throw my way, beacuse he has ever right. After all Jacob and Onika were good friends as well. And I had hurt her so bad.

"Don't you dare blame anyone in this. You have only your self to blame. You were supposed to love her, protect her and above all to trust her." he shouted at me. Then something like pity crossed his eyes, but he continued, " I don't even know the full extent of what has happened between you two, but I still remember the condition in which I saw her that day." He closed his eyes for few seconds as if shaking the disturbing memories off his mind.

"I know you are hurting right now and regretting whatever you did to her but sometimes simply regretting is not enough. Though I have always wished for you happiness but if this time you fuck up, if you fail to prove you can be worthy of her, then this is the last chance you get. I will make sure of it." He deadpanned.

Saying that Jacob kept the file that was in his hand on the table and went towards the door but before exiting he added, "I hope you have some great redeeming qualities Agustin, because if not rest assured you have already lost her for forever."

Damn, if it didn't hurt. I punched my fist on the table as hard as I can to feel the pain, to feel anything other then the ache I am feeling in my heart right now.

I closed my eyes and my memory swifted to one of those many days when

I tortured her so bad that she nearly fainted.

I was stunned as I felt wetness trailing down my cheeks, but didn't make any move to wipe it off. My own guilt and self loathing was eating me alive.

She is such a pure soul that she deserved to be treated like a princess and what did I do, I fucking treated her like a whore.

I want to hurt myself so bad for causing her so much pain. So, I slammed my fist on the table repeatedly till it started bleeding, yet nothing. Not an ounce of pain, not when all I could think about is her pain.

No matter how much I bleed, the blood is not going to wash away my sin.

How could I not believe her? Onika. My Onika. So pure. So na?ve. How could I turn so blind so as to not see her innocence which was written all over her face, in all her tears. She kept saying that she didn't do anything, that she has been framed in all this. I thought all of it was just an act, her denial would irritated me so much that I hit her harder to just make her accept that she did it.

I made her so fucking afraid of me that she started shivering like a leaf even at the sight of me. I used to deprive her of food for days and days just to make her accept that she did it.

Now I remember how weak and lifeless she used to look when all she deserved was to be pampered like a princess and I fucking tortured her for every drop of water.

At last she got so afraid and sick of it that she even stopped saying that she was innocent. Fearing what I might do. Wether I would deprive her of food for another day or wether I would hit her so hard that she will find it hard to breath.

I remember that perticular day when I gave her ultimatum that unless she doesn't accept her sin she is not to get a bite of food or a drop of water and I fucking made her life so miserable that she accepted all the false allegations in the hope that it will calm me down, now that she had finally done what I had ask of her.

But I just got more violent and tortured her ever more making her sleep on the cold floor handcuffed to the bed, not even allowing her to use the bathroom without my permission. She used to lie in her own urine.

I slide down on my knees as all the memories started attacking me one after another, stabbing a serrated knife deep in my heart.

I felt suffocated as I recalled her words, "I wish I could go back in time and revert back the day I met you.

I used to think that it was the luckiest day of my life but, now it feels as if it was rage of angels falling on me all at once when you laid your eyes on me.

I never thought that a day will come when I will regret loving you. I thought I could love you endlessly and will never get tired of it.

And now loving you has become a curse for me. I am ashamed of myself that I loved a monster like you, that I thought you could change, that I thought you are also a human, that you also deserved to be loved, little did I knew that this love of mine one day would become the reason for my own destruction.

Back then I would have given my life for your one smile and now look at the irony of the situation you stole every single of my smiles for the rest of my life...

If only I knew that loving you will become a cross around my neck......"

I was her every thing, she loved me selflessly and unconditionally, no matter what I did she always had faith in me, always kept saying that I can be a better person and I fucking failed her. Let alone be a person I am even worst than a monster.

I fucking made her pay for her faith, for her unconditional love. How will she forgive me when I can't forgive myself. Let alone forgive I want to hurt myself so bad, cut those lips with which I insulted her, cut my hands with which I hit her and I know I still won't be any where near to deserving her forgiveness. But the selfish part in me still want one chance and my life clings on that chance.


Throwing daggers at Agustin. Chance, huhjQuery21409110478174970154_1540872640184???

Go eat slugs, You have no idea how you are going to burn in hell. All in good time..;)

Oh, I forgot to ask, is their someone reading this book or am I just talking to myself?! (Yeah, that's my way of asking for votes and comments *shrugs*)

Lots of love!


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