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Chapter 40.

The wedding...and Josh.

'So here I was standing inches away from him...typical.'

It all started on a lovely morning; I got woken up by a cat who snuck into our apartment from a window, then he pooped on my bed usual. Not.

I looked out of the window to check the amazing New York weather- Rain. Lots of rain.

In California it would be the sun that woke me up, not the sound of rain or the poop smell... Although I do find it relaxing.

Not the smell obviously.

After twenty minutes of chasing the cat, I started getting ready. I observed my make up bag looking for my concealer, whichI forgot to pack. Acne wasn't my only problem right now, i'm more worried about the red cat scratches all over my face!

Scott and Charlotte went on a date, which equals me tidying the house from Scott's most likely last night out with his bestfriends for some time atleast.

What a great morning!

After a short while, I finished tidying and organising my day for today and tomorrow for the wedding. I already had a black short dress barley reaching my mid thigh with some black heels. At first I wanted a white dress but Charlotte started being bossy and picky she said the white dress is for her and her only- even on the invitations she told people what's not allowed never mind about ten million e-mails she sent them about everything too. She was really stressed lately whereas Scott was very organaised and ready...which made Charlotte even more stressed.

I remember when me and Scott were small we promised each other we'll never get married after our uncle divorced and the amount of pain he was in. I kept the promise, Scott on the other hand, did not.

Just at this moment I heard a knock, it was about two in the afternoon.

I went slowly to open the door hoping it's Josh but at the same time having a nervous breakdown in my head! I checked myself in the mirror and opened the door.

"Package to Charlotte Dawson." Said a chubby, bold man in a hat and a t-shirt with a logo, unless Josh stopped flexing and got so sad after our breakup that's not even think that I thought it's him made me cringe.

"Soon to be a Wilson." I replied.

"Yeye whatever, just sign it." He commanded. Although I wasn't Charlotte, she begged me to take this.

I layed back down on the sofa, put some tv on.

'Notebook.' ha! No.

I flicked through a few channels

'Titanic.' boats and romance what else could you possibly want! That was obviously sarcastic as I have a fear of boats and I hate love!

I came to a conclution that whatever show/movie/series you watch all of them have atleast a bit of romance and love. I can't win.

Why can't people normally live their lives without romance? That's why teenagers smoke. Kids wear makeup. Parents divorce.

I layed back down, I started flicking through the channels again. I was half asleep, thinking of some weird things and life, mostly about Josh.

'Beep!' That was Charlotte.

Hey girl, i'm just coming upstairs mind opening the door, my hands are busy, I can barley write - Charlotte.

I opened the door, waiting patiently for her to come in, instead I heard a guys' voice. A vocie so sweet and soft. The one I haven't heard for a lifetime - atleast that's how it felt. The voice of Josh.

Next thing I know, he came upstairs and stopped, so did I It felt as if all the clocks froze. He changed slightly. His hair grew, his eyes 50 shades bluer than before, got taller.

"Hey Amber, we're home." Charlotte stopped the moment.

Although I woke up from the dream, Josh was still stood there paralysed, until Charlotte started clapping in his face to say something.

"H-hey." He greeted me, observing the floor like it's the most fascinating thing. His cheeks as red as Charlotte's new wedding nails.

I smiled shyly, trying to play cool but all I wanted was the ground to bury me,

winked. I mouthed a 'thank you' but I was more scared than happy.

He sat down next to me. The table was filled with so much finger-licking food. I didn't want to be the first one to get something.

"Get me some food, please." I whispered to Josh.

"What?" He replied grinning.

"Please." I begged.

He got me some food, it was so nice. Why can't weddings last forever?

Scott and Charlotte were sat on their own table with my and Scott's parents and Charlotte's parents.

Now that everyone stopped dancing, it was time for Scott and Charlotte to have their dance. As I watched them dance to the slow, romantic music it felt as if it was all a fairytale. I imagined myself there. Scott and Charlotte were both smiling at each other.

When they stopped everyone clapped.

"Hey wanna get out of here, for a bit?" Josh randomly asked, but I would only regret it if my answer was no.

"Sure." I replied. He took my hand and I followed him outside. It was so beautiful here. We sat down on a bench.

"Josh, it's been so long since you left. But it feels like it was yesterday. Can't you come back?" I begged.

"You have your life Amber, and I have mine." It was so hurtful to hear that I wasn't his life anymore. He just forgot me.

"Ohhh, I knew that, you have a girlfriend. Oh my god! I was so stupid."

"No Amber I don't." He replied, which really calmed me down.

"You hate me, don't you?" I replied.

"Hate you? I could never hate you Amber."

"I'm going to college so are you. We'll most likely never see each other again." He replied.

"Unless, you go to the collage with me like you were supposed to. You know how lucky we got to go to the same colleg---" I was kindly finishing my sentence until his soft lips met mine. I missed this the most. Our connection. It was magical. I never stopped loving him.

"Lets go back inside." He said as it started getting cold.

"Are you cold?" He asked.

"A bit." He gave me his jacket and we went inside.

Just as Charlotte was throwing the bucket of flowers in the air. They went straight at me and I caught it! Wooohoooo, who's the lucky guy? I looked at Josh with the flowers in my hand and he smiled, with a wink escaping his eye.

Is this the end, or the beginning?



Guys the end of the book! What do you think?

A new book comming in a week time.

Thanks for al the support i love y'all.

Guys please fo check my new book 'Just another bet' it's really good and it's out now.

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