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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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We all scream 'yeaaaaaah' as loudly as we could, whilst letting our hats fly like eagles. Although I looked joyful all I could think was 'Josh'. He should be here, to think that I was the one who made him miss out. It's been so long 7 maybe even 8 months now. About a week ago he liked my instagram picture from about 48 weeks ago- It was him and Rosie making a funny face; Josh pouted and crossed his eyes making him look like a bug whereas Rosie stuck her tounge out. He unliked it straight after so I guess he was stalking me and accidently liked it. I also deleted that picture on the following day.

Charlotte picked the most beautiful dress for the wedding: A long, white dress, which was strapless, with a see through long sleeve with some patters drawn on, she also picked some matching white heels and a vast necklace. She looked very elegant and posh. Scott being original as usual chose a light blue suit with matching trousors, a white t-shirt with a white tie and black polished shoes.

Just a few weeks left...their wedding is going to be in New York.


"Amber!" Vic

you did. I even saw you smoke a few times. You were lonley. Since you moved here Josh changed too- he's not a dick." Shelly explained.

"Thanks Shelly." I said gratefully.

She smiled and walked in a different direction.

Something between me and Josh was more than just a crush, someone I fancy. He was something beautiful that not many people get and when they do it's only once and I wasted it. Gosh he's the only person I loved, the only person I would give more than i would give to myself. When you're happy you sing to the words but when you're sad you understand the lyrics.





I love y'all.

Olivia xoxoxoox

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