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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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Missing Him.

"They're so cute together." Callum said happily observing Scott and Charlotte making food.

"Me and Josh were cute together."

"Ohh and look he just picked her up and kissed her."

"Josh used to pick me up and kiss me." I said starring into space, visiting all the memories.

"Awwww, they just had a play fight with flour."

"Josh and I used to play fight with flour..."

"They also just invented Mars."

"Josh and I invented Mar---wait what?!"

"I'm sorry Amber, you're just way too boring nowadays, you've compared yourself to you and Josh everytime I say something about a different couple. That's like all my life, i'm bored I share my happiness with others." He responded.

"Rather, they share it with you, they just don't know it." I explained.

"Same thing."


"This is some girl stuff, i'll call Victoria." He said taking his phone out of his bomer jacket.

"No! Don't!" I stopped him.

He looked at me weirdly with this 'why' look.

"She's so stressed lately, you know, school, her sister, life..." I added.

He signed walked me downstairs, we ate ice-cream and ordered pizza.

That was it, the end of it. The end of me...


What do you guys think?

Just 2 more chapters.

She misses him...maybe it'll turn out good?

Olivia xoxo

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