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   Chapter 39 NO.39

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 1830

Updated: 2018-07-13 22:30

Hard to Move on.

6 Months Later.

"How do I look?" Asked Scott whilst trying on his suit.

Charlotte laughted slightly.

"It looks not trashy." I responded.

"I'll take that as a compliment." He replied.

Where are you? -Amber.

Stuck in traffic, be there soon - Victoria.

"Amber, do you want to come get a dress with me later on this week?" Questioned Charlotte.

"Sure, count me in!" I anwsered.

"Hey, I want to go too!" Scott cried.

"It's bad look for you to see me in my dress before the wedding." Charlotte annouced.

g it would be like it was before but Claire and Josh made that difficult. I knew I had to move on to get to a new chapter but it was hard. I keep taking one step forward and three steps backwards.


Sorry it's short again!!!

I promise next is gonna be long

Hope you guys enjoyed...that was a twist!

Olivia xoxo

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