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   Chapter 38 NO.38

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 2344

Updated: 2018-07-13 22:30

Gone, Forever.

I knew he hid something from me, then my eyes turned to the bin, where I observed a ripped envelope, and a wet letter. I could still see the writting but it was hard to read. I started reading it, a few small tears ran down my cheeks. I'm so stupid Josh apologised and tried to sort things out...and I made him leave and replaced him! I ran outside to Josh's house and knocked and knocked... Lily opened the door.

"Rosie! Hi." I said whilst smiling.

"Hello Amber." She responded.

"Can I see Josh?" I asked.

"I'm with my babysitter, Josh left with our parents to the airport." She said.

Airport? No! This cannot be like that. I didn't fight so much to get a sad ending af

he last plane to Canada left two hours ago, and he clearly dosen't want to fight for us. Maybe he's tired of fighting or of me, everyone is eventually.

This can't be the end.

If I leave to Canada, i'm going to knock on his door and say 'come back I miss you'

He's really gone, and there's nothing i can do about it.


Five more chapters!!!!

Sorry, it's short again...

Curious how it ends yet?

Olivia xoxo

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