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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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Wedding Annaucment.

Joshua's POV:

I need to speak to Callum, I didn't know where he lived so I started stalking him on all his social medias, after two minutes I found his adress, what a dumbass he really shouldn't put his adress online. I drove to his house, ten minutes later I was there.

'Knock knock'

"Who's this?" Asked a girls voice, it was Victoria.

"Josh." I replied.

"Oh sorry Josh, Amber's not here." She anwsered.

"I'm not here for Amber, i'm here to speak to Callum."


"Victoria!" I shouted.

No reply.


"Go home Josh." She said.

I after a few more knocks and shouts I gave up and drove away.


It was Monday, which meant school, I woke up ate some breakfast - pancakes with strawberries and chocolate, I did my hair and got dressed.

I wore a grey adidas t-shirt, with black jeans. I left my hair messy, i didn't shave for a few days, I forgot, I was locked in my room...again.

(Ignore the caption).

I walked towards my car and saw Amber on her motorcycle, she looked gorgeous, she had black jeans and a black crop top with patterns, a burgandi cardigan and some black heels.

I arrived at school, I was a few minutes late, so was Amber, I remember when we always arrived late together, I don't know how she managed to go to starbucks and still be in her class before me, plus she has some killer heels. By killer I didn't mean sexy, I mean walk in these and you'll die.


't change in the slightest.

"Wait you're not shocked?!" I added.

"You know I always hated Claire, she had that evil thing in her eyes, i'm only shocked about Callum."

I chuckled.

"And Josh believed her?" He asked, now being shocked.


"Josh is a great guy, his only mistake is believing her and losing you, if he isn't fighting for you, or believing you maybe he's not worth it."

"Or maybe i'm not worth fighting for." I muttered quietly.

"Hey, there's plenty of other guys, and you're a gorgeous girl show Josh what he missed out."

"They all hate me."

"Claire?" He asked again.

I nodded.

"We need to bring this bitch down!" He added.


Thanks for reading, and Thanks for 5k!

What do you guys think Scott has planned?

And who is Josh going to believe, is Amber worth fighting for?

What do you guys think of their wedding?

By the way, Josh is Charlotte's Cousin.

Olivia xoxox

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