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   Chapter 30 NO.30

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 4392

Updated: 2018-07-13 22:25

This can't get any worse! Nevermind...

"Scott!" I shouted.

"Breakfast is ready." I yelled again.

"Coming!" He replied.

We all sat at the table, eating our breakfast.

"So how's school?" My mom asked all of a sudden.

"School's school." I said, remembering everything that happened lately.

"What happened?" Asked Scott.

"I can tell you're sad." He added.

"I'm just...tired."


It was Saturday, which means, finally I can, relax from all this bullshit, I would normally stand up for myself but too many people believe Claire, she already won this battle...but I will win the war. I will have the last laugh.

I just need a proof, but I can't do it alone and the only person who is with me now is Jordan.


I saw Rosie in her garden.

"Hi Rosie!" I said, she looked up and smilled sadly.

"Amber, we only just got you back, don't leave again please." She said sweetly.

"I can't promise anything, if I leave like before, i'll come back, I can promise you that."

Can i?

She smiled.

"Josh isn't the same."

"He's like he used to be when you left, locked in his room looking a mess."

My eyes were watering, I didn't want her to think i'm sad, I can't break down, don't break down!

"Could you get him here please?"

She nodded and went inside the house.

break, i didn't mean dumping her, I meant I need space to think. I think she might've thought differently. But why would Claire do that? Force Callum to lie? Oh, and then I remembered about Claire liking me, Amber announcing we're official and then Claire running off. I knew Claire liked me before Amber came to this school, she always tried to be the best at everything and teasing me, but it didn't work, not like Amber does. God. I miss her so much, and I haven't seen her in two hours.

I need to talk to Callum, alone.


Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.

What was so important for Jordan?

Who is Josh going to believe?

Why did Callum lie?

Will Victoria and Amber be friends again?

Omggggggggg!!!! Thankkkkkkkyouuuuuu guys for voting #650 in for teens, it was #962 yesterday!!

Love y'all.

Olivia xoxo

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