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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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"You know, you never took me on a date." I whispered to Josh.

"Fine, we'll go on a date." He finally agreed.

"How did you know I want to go on a date?" I asked.

"Because you've been giving me clues all day. " He replied.

"We're going tomorrow, in the morning." He added.

"But it's school!" I shouted.

"Okay, we'll go on a date in 234 days, when the school is over."

I nodded.

"Wait, what!?" I finally screamed out as I just realised what he said.

"We're going tomorrow, pick me up by ten."

"Please, don't wear a dress."

He looked at me.

"Okay I have to go now." He added.

"Oh, you're going to plan our date, or ask someone for help? I can help you! Is it a suprise? Josh I neeeed to knowww!"

"Chill, it'll just me you and food." He replied.

My smile turned upside down. He dosen't care about our first date, but maybe it's nice to have a chilled first date.

'Don't wear a dress'

Isn't that what everyone wears on a first date, to a restaurant? What am I supposed to wear, go naked? Well Josh would like that, others on the other hand would not.

I finally decided, I will wear shorts with a long sleeved grey crop top, I will look nice but it won't look like i've tried hard.


It's 9:13 and I just got out of the shower, I put my body lotion on, wore what I planned yesterday, with vans, and did my makeup and straightened my hair and put my p



I woke up, without Josh in my bed, I walked downstairs to the kitchen, he wasn't there either, then I saw him through the window, with groceries.

He walked in, and took lots of chocolate and chicken nuggets with fries out.

"Where's McDonald's!?" I asked as the food he had was from there.

"Ten minutes walking, two by car he replied."

"I love you and the place and chicken nuggets, so I couldn't be happier right now."

He kept on staring at me.

"Cough, cough."

"Sorry, I can't help it sometimes." He replied.

"I love you."

"I love you." He replied.


We were playing would you rather.

"Would you rather never see me again or never eat chicken nuggets again?"

"That's not fair I love both! It's like saying would you rather kill your mother or kill your mother."


They went on a date!

Thanks for reading, i'll upload soon.

Olivia xoxo

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