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   Chapter 24 NO.24

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 4436

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It was Saturday, me, Claire, Callum and Victoria are having a sleepover.

Callum and Victoria are like male and female versions of each other, they comunicate by eye contact and always laugh, yawn, cough or sneeze at the same time. Many people think they go out but they're bestfriends since they were three.

"Hey, you heard the new boy in school? He's coming on Monday, he's super cute, a badass and a player." Victoria screamed.

"How original." I replied.


"So Girls....and guys" Said Victoria looking at Callum.

"Who do you like, 3 secounds of truth, truth and truth only!"




I said no one, Claire reamined quiet but, I knew she's lying.

Victoria squeeled Liam; her crush, and Callum said he's too fabulous to date.

"Oh come on guys!" Screamed Victoria, annoyed.

"I need to go use the restroom." I said.

On my way back, I heard my name called out, I had to eardrop.

"Come on Claire! Just tell Amber that you like him, they broke up two months ago!" Victoria said quite loudly.

"Shut up! She'll hear it." Claire replied.

I walked into the room and acted normal.

"Lets make food!" Callum screamed, that's why I love him, he loves food, he shares food and we love the same food.

We walked to the kitchen and got some ice-cream, and made fries.


elly button, which shouldn't for a few weeks, but it's upto you." Replied the man, he didn't look bothered.

He told me to stand up so he could draw where the piercing is going to be, then I got told to sit back down.

Two minutes later it was done, it wasn't as bad as i thought.

Now we're calling Callum to come and meet us in town.


Me and callum ordered food for a whole village.

Victoria ordered a plain cheese burger and water, "Callum I want to show you something."

"What's up Amber?" He questioned.

I lifted my shirt and showed him the piercing.

"You idiot! You let someone put a needle through your body! It's pretty damn cute though." He spoke out.

I smiled and sat back down.


She got a belly piercing.

Hope you enjoyed, i'll upload bonus tomorrow.

OMCN- Oh My Chicken Nugget.

Olivia xoxo

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