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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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The Truth.

I walked inside the school I saw, Jake, Luke and Josh kissing with some girl.

I'm totally fine. I'm totally fine, I'M TOTALLY FINE! I looked at my hand and I noticed that I squeezed my startbucks caramel latte, and it burned but I forgot about the pain as watching him kissing someone was worser than a burned hand.

So let's put my stalking skills to work.

Who was he kissing? I turned to see the girl, oh it was Britney, lovely.

I looked at my other hand and squeezed my apple, now Josh owns me lunch.

"Oh someone's jealous." Said Britney.

"Been there, done that." I replied.

"You and him failed." She started laughing.

"Just like your dad's condom." I replied.

She flipped her hair and kissed him again, then looked at me.

"What you looking at?" I questioned.

"Something ugly." She replied.

She wants to play, okay i'll play.

"Were you born on a highway, cos that's where the most accidents happen." I said.

"You're a bitch, first you hurt him and then start an argument with me for kissing him."

I stood up on a table.


? Does he deserve my forgiveness? It was too much for my undeveloped brain.

I was in a car, waiting for the driver to come.

"Alright kiddo, where do you live?"

"With my parents."

"Where do your parents live?"

"With me."

"Where's your house?"

"Next to my neighbour's house."

"Where's your neighbour's house?"

"Never guess what!"


"Next to my house!" I replied, I realised he's getting annoyed so I gave him the adress and then walked to the kitchen took some ice-cream, I went to my room, put netflix on my laptop and watched Pretty Little Liars, then I fell asleep.


She admited she loves him.

I'll post on Wednesday.

Olivia xoxo

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