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   Chapter 21 NO.21

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 4697

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Joshua's POV:

I couldn't stop thinking, I was in my room, as always, I didn't get out of my room for the whole month. I sat on my dirty bed and looked in a mirror, I couldn't see me, the old, happy party animal, what I could see is a heartbroken creature. I haven't checked my phone in so long, I took it and looked at my messages, Mainly from people in school most of them looked like this.

'She is a monster! But I can always make you feel better ;)'


'It's okay bro, forget about that bitch.'

But she wasn't a monster or a bitch, I was. Well particually i'm still a boy. Or am i? Who am i?

"Josh, we have guests over in 20 minutes." My mother Shouted whilst walking inside my room.

"What!? Why are there clothes on the floor."

She questioned.

"Gravity mom, plus if someone comes over to kill me they'll trip over and die." I simply replied.

I didn't know who we had dinner with, all I knew she was my mom's friend and lived close.

I tided my room, because you know, that's where the dinner is going to be (!) Note the sarcasm.

I walked downstairs the table was full of food, I sat down in one place.

**Before That**

Amber's POV:

"Mom, do I have to go!?" I asked.

"Yes, that's the only time i'm at home, plus I thought you and Josh are friends...with benefits." She replied, and then winked.

Oh mom you missed so much...

"Not anymore." I an

o use a condom." Scott whispered into my ear.

Me and Josh were upstairs.

"Why did you do that!?" He shouted.

"You kicked me!" I replied.

I was standing infront of Josh, and then suddenly his dog tripped me and I fell on top of Josh who fell on the bed, even worse I grabbed his shirt meanwhile falling so I looked like a horny slut, who begged for sex, and then my mom walked in.

Great timing mom.

She just chuckled, I got off Josh and walked out of the room, giving my mom the look not to tell anyone what she just saw, she nodded whilst laughing and we all came back to the table.

Me and my mom have this bond when we commiunicate with looks. Cool right.


What do you think of Josh's family?

Josh and Amber are talking again but will it be the same?

Thanks for reading, this one was really boring, because it was rushed, i hope you enjoyed anyway.

Olivia xoxo

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