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   Chapter 20 NO.20

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 3739

Updated: 2018-07-13 22:19

Stuck in a closet with him.

I sat down on my desk in detention, surrounded by a lot of guys.

They were whispering to each other.

"She's single now!" Whispered-shouted one of the guys to his friend excitedly.

"Hey." Spoke the guy, behind me.

I turned around, making intense eye contact.

"What's your problem?" I asked.

"I have a question." He replied.

"You have 60 secounds." I said whilst observing my watch.

"Did it hurt?"He questioned with a smirk.

"Did what hurt?" I asked.

"When you fell from heaven." He replied.

Cringey much.

"I'm from hell." I replied, and then tured back around.

I put my head phones in and tried to get some sleep.

"Is she dead?" Asked the guy.

"I don't know!" The other guy responded.

"Touch her and see if she moves!" He shouted.

"Touch me and that'll be the last thing you touch!" I shouted, without getting my head up from the very uncomfortable desk.


1 Day Later.

History time! Lovely.

Britney the bitch, sat in my seat, now i'll smell like one of them! Eurgh.

"That's my seat." I said paitently whilst pointing at mys

the time in the closet was silence. I was speechless after what I heard.

"I love you." He said in a serious tone.

"And i'll miss you." He added.

Then the closet opens. The janitor opened it, we both walked out of it and went seperate ways.

I made Josh leave? A few months ago I would even help him pack, drive him to the airport as swiftly as I could, and never give a shit again. But Josh did become a massive part of my life, if he left me, that would break me forever.


Josh is leaving!!

Hope you enjoyed.

By the way, i'm planning on making this story 50-80 chapters long, so this is not the end of the's just the begging.

Thanks for over 900 reads.

Olivia xoxo

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