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   Chapter 19 NO.19

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 4211

Updated: 2018-07-13 22:18

He Changed.

Yay school.

I walked inside the gates, something was different, when I came everyone started whispering and glancing at me.

If looks could kill.

"She's the one who did this to him." Said a girl to another one, whilst pointing at me.

To who?

And then I saw him, in his hood, dirty clothes, messy hair, but not nice messy, more like ugly oily messy, it was Josh, he looked like a dead dog, he smelled like one too. He looked at me, then tured around and walked the other way, the sadness in his eyes made me sad.

"You!" Shouted a girl behind me.

"You, broke my boyfriend!"

"Your boyfriend?" Oh great he was cheating too? Fucking amazing.

"Wel, ex, you're a bitch you know!"

"Say that again." I commanded her, whilst taking a step close.

"Bi-bitch!" She mumbled.

She got me mad, really mad, I flipped, I pushed her against the locker. People crowded around observing us excitedly, Society nowadays. She got up and pulled my hair I punched her, she fell again, I punched her again, and again...

"You!" Screamed some new teacher.

"To the office right now!"

"And take this poor girl to the nurse." She said to one of the girls' friend.

Poor? Hahahhaha. No.


I came to the office, that new teacher

"I'm freakin talented!" I yelled.


My first lesson, history...with the plastics.

"Britney, what happends during a tsunami?" Questioned the teacher.

"Things get wet and dirty." She replied.

"No one asked what you did this weekend." I shouted.

People laughted.

"Okay, Amber where's your homework?" Asked the teacher.

"It commited suicide, it had to many problems." I replied, seriously.

The whole class started laughing.

I tried to show people i'm okay. I didn't want them to think i'm weak. It's the only homework I completed in this whole year and I wasted the time of doing it for a stupid joke just to prove something to people.


What do you think of Josh now?

A short one, i'll upload two longggggg ones tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed.

Olivia xoxoxo

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