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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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Josh and I have been together for two weeks now, we were happy and nothing got in the way. It was perfect. My life was going great, but I needed to make up with Claire.

Claire i'm so sorry, I can't be away from you for so long, I miss you. - Amber.

Did you stop being a bitch? - Claire.

Well, it's in my nature but yeah. - Amber.

You're forgiven.- Claire.

But you need to give Victoria, a second chance, me, her, and Callum will come tomorrow after school. - Claire.

Okay! - Amber.

I wasn't really exited to see her again, and who's Callum?

"Hey baby." I saw Josh hug me from behind.

"Hey." I replied.

He gave me a peck on the lips and made breakfast, we shared a bed for a few nights, we only cuddled, but my feelings for him grew. I'm confident that I love him but I don't know if he feels the same, I want to say it but I fear his response. We finished breakfast. I went to the restroom, I was walking

lived with me for a few weeks until she comes back, that helped me after the breakup, Although I had them I really missed Josh but I couldn't speak to him.

I walked to the supermarket, I saw Rosie with a friend and her mom, I hi but she stayed silent.

"You left! You promised you wouldn't leave."

She cried.

A small tear rolled down my cheek. She was so upset, and so was I all the memories came back and I could do nothing but reminiscing in torture.


Well that was a twist!

Will they find a way out of this one?

Thanks for reading, i'll upload soon.

Olivia xoxox

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