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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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Updated: 2018-07-13 22:17

The Kiss.

Me and Josh were still sat at the couch, he came closer and put his arm around me, Rosie was asleep, he looked at me, I looked back, and we both looked at each other for a while and then he leaned in, I did the same our lips were about to touch.

"Hi!" Shouted Rosie.

Great, when it's not my family, it's his.

"Hi." I replied.

"I can't sleep!" She yelled looking tired.

"I'll read you a story." I suggested.

We went upstairs to her room she layed in bed, holding her teddy bear.


"The End." Finally, she was now asleep, I went back downstairs and layed on the couch Josh was sleeping and I had markers on the table because Rosie was using them before.

I drew a mustache on his lips, a heart on his cheek and fuckboy on his forehead, but I couldn't waste

can't love him, can I?!

I only knew him a month maybe two, it's impossible for me to love him right? I feel good when i'm around him, he makes me smile, he makes me happy, he makes me feel good?

Did I fall in love with Josh Wilson?

I layed down on my bed, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't even eat!! He was destroying me, but in kind of a good way.


They finally kissed!!!!!!!!

This chapter was cringey for me to write, but i managed, i'll upload tomorrow.

Olivia xoxoxox

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