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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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It was Friday, Iskipped school on Thursday. I woke up now at 7:30. My school starts in half an hour plus add my 10-20 minutes classy late I had just under an hour to get ready. I went inside the shower, then brushed my teeth. I wore black shorts and a black polo.

I put my hair in two buns, did my makeup, and grabbed my phone.


I walked into school, the first thing I saw was Josh kissing some girl. Lovely.

I was in P.E, Josh didn't say a word to me, I caught him staring a few times but it was different between us.

It was break. I sat on a table with Luke, Jake, and Claire I don't know where Josh is but I didn't care because I was enjoying my pizza too much.

"Whose funeral are you dressed for?"

Some squeeky voice spoke behind me, I turn around and see that Cheerleader the one that gave me dirty looks and the one that was kissing Josh.

"Yours, if you don't leave right now."

I replied.

"You're talentless and useless, just like your old teacher said, i mean you can't even cook."

"I will be sucessfull, and hire you as my cook, seeing how much you love

th of you, I want you to succed." She simply replied.

"Who's the other student?"

I questioned.

"Joshua Wilson." She replied.

"So we're stuck?" I asked.

"Yes, but I was watching both of you for the past few days, you're different when you're with him you turn from a demon to an angel." She said.

"Yeah umm me and him don't speak anymore."

"Well, I can't force you, you can go now."

Im different around him? I mean, I enjoy his company and he automatically makes me smile but I never thought that i'm different. He brings the good in me and I never knew I had any.


Britney the bitch!

Will Josh keep ignoring Amber?

Bonus chapter, i'll upload soon.

Olivia xoxo

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