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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Truth or Dare

Amber's POV:

I woke up, it was Wednesday. Josh went straight home after our conversation on Sunday. I missed him, I way I was alone and he lived right next to me. I decided to message him and Claire to come over.

Come over in 20 :) - Amber

Miss me already ;) - Josh

I couldn't be bothered replying. I took a shower, I put my hair in a ponytail, and did my make up. I wore ripped jeans and the bralette I bought yesterday.

I'm coming with Luke and Jake ;) - Josh

Claire is coming too - Amber

I forgot to tell Claire to come, I quickly dialled her number.

"Hey!" I began.

"Hi, what's up?" She replied.

"The sky."

She chuckled.

"So why you calling?" She asked again.

"Come over." I anwsered.

"On my way." Then she ended the call.

She lived a few streets from mine, so she would get there before the boys.


20 minutes later, I ordered a pizza and we all sat on the couch, me inbetween Luke and Josh, Jake next To Claire, and Claire next to Luke.

"Shall we play never have I ever?" Asked Jake.

"Are we five? Lets play truth or dare." Liam spoke.

We all agreed and started playing.

"Liam I dare you to eat a spoonful of cinamon." Said Josh.

He did it.

10 minutes later, Claire was covered in eggs, Jake was sick after eating a raw egg, and Liam was only in his boxers, then it came to Josh's turn.

"Josh, I dare you to kiss Amber."

Josh looked calm, I on the other hand wasn't too glad.

"I'm hu

hests were touching, her hand was on my back the other one ran through my hair, I could feel her minty breath on my face. And then...

"BAM!" the door opens.

I saw her mom step in the house, we let go of each other as soon as we heard the door. We were so close!


I went home, I got to bed but I couldn't sleep I kept on thinking about her and how close we were. She was destroying me. She made me feel something I haven't felt.

Did you do it yet?- Luke

What? - Josh

The bet.- Luke

I forgot about the bet! Why am I so dumb? I realised, I'm Josh Wilson, the player, the bad boy, I can't just like someone, I can't fall for someone, they have to fall for me! That's how it works.


They nearly kissed!

But don't forget about the bet!

Will Josh fall for Amber and cancel the bet?

Or will he just be a typical player and do the bet and forget?

This chapter was slightly longer, thanks for reading.


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