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   Chapter 7 NO.7

The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy By olivia_0000 Characters: 4379

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Joshua's POV:

"I like Cherries." I smirked.

I could see Amber's eyes on me and she clutched her hand, Ohhh she was jealous, she was so jealous, so i decided to carry on with it.

"I would like to see you 'Shake it'."

Amber glared at me furiously, she saw me looking at her and then smiled like nothing happend.


"I won!" Announced Claire.

She came just a second behind me but I still won.

"No! I won." I snapped.

We kept on arguing until i heard this voice of an angel---or the devil.

"It's a draw!" She shouted.

We both looked at her for a minute, then carried on arguing. Amber rolled her eyes and sat in silence looking annoyed.

Amber's POV:

They finally stopped arguing!

"It's getting late, let's go to the shops."

I said.

They stood up and followed me. We went to River Island, where I bought two pairs of Jeans and a bralette.

Then we went to Zara, then to Victoria Secrets.

"I need a bra!" I spoke a bit too loud as people began to stare at me.

"I'll go get some food, i'm not really into bras." Josh announced.

"Shocker!" Claire replied.

Joshua's POV:

I decided to leave the store because I saw pandora on the way, I wanted to buy Amber a ring, she kept saying she needs one and besides this will help me to get her into my be

"It was for... My sister?"

She laughed. She looked adorable when she laughed.

You just said you don't like her.



Amber's POV:

"I thought he was gonna rape you!"

Haha. He can't lie, how is he even a bad boy?

"And the ring?" I asked.

"It was sister?"

He looked so nervous so I decided to leave him now. I knew he liked me, I can't blame him. He's just another guy falling for me.

I don't date boys, I use them then leave them. Basically, a fuckgirl. I'm having fun while I can, I've been doing what the male species has been for generations.

But there's something about him...


What do you think of them getting jealous?

Do you think they'll get together?

Sorry, this was a short and borning chapter but i'll upload a longer and more exiting one later.


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