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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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We sat down and ate in silence.

"Did you sleep here?"

"Nope." He anwsered swiftly.

"How did you get in my house?"

"Your mom gave me the keys."

"She gave you keys? She doesn't even trust me enough to give me my own keys."

"Can you take me to the mall?" I added

"Sure." He replied.

Although I had my motorbike, I enjoyed his company. I was craving to find out more about him.

He smiled and I blushed, I turned away and hid my cheeks in embarrassment.

I was never nervous around boys why am I like this around him?

Hey wanna go to mall xx - Amber.

Be there in 10 :) xx - Claire.


We arrived at the mall.

Claire told us to meet her at 'shake it'

Its a smoothie shop.

"Hey Claire!"

"Hey Amber!...and Josh..."

"Hey." Anwsered Josh.

Claire and Josh always competed with each other. They were frenemies.

"Hi i'm Cherri

e, what smoothie would you like?" A college aged, pretty girl asked.

"I would like a strawberry caramel."

I replied.

"Same here." spoke Claire.

"I like Cherries" Josh announced. Then he winked at Cherrie. She blushed and smiled

"And I would like to see you 'shake it'." He added with a smirk.

"Who can drink the smoothie faster!?" Claire almost shouted exitedly whilst looking at Josh.

"Okay." He simply answered.

"3...2...1 go!"

I yelled.

"I won!" announced Claire.

"No! I won!" shouted Josh.

They carried on arguing for a few minutes.

"It was a draw!"

I finally spoke.

They both looked at me.

And then looked back and carried on arguing...


What do you think of Claire?

Very short chapter I already made two today so this one was an extra one. Hope you enjoy the story so far.


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