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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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Can We Take A Picture?

"Mom, please!" I begged.

"Sorry sweetie, I'll be back on on Thursday it's just a week."

"A week too long!"

I anwsered.

"Mom I can't even cook!"

"That's why I got the neightbour to help you, but turns out she's leaving too, so her son will take care of you."

She replied, whilst zipping her suitcase.


It was now Thursday, the rest of the days at school were ok. I'm the Queen of the school. I got asked out by guys they all got rejected. I hate the attention but I can't complain.

The schools' finished and I decided not to go tomorrow as my mom is leaving anyway, so I had three days off counting the weekend.

I was saying my last goodbye to my mom she hugged me tighly then went inside the car to go to the airport.


I couldn't be bothered to get changed so I stayed in my sweats, and put a black sports bra on.

"Knock, knock!"

Eurrghh whoever it is will go away in a second. I layed on the couch watching tv.

"Knock, knock!"

"No one's home!" I yelled.

Now they will obviously know someones home you dumb fuck.

Shut up brain!

"Knock, knock!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I shouted.

I walked to the door.

Before I could open it, it opened itself.

Wow someone has manners.

"Hi." He said.

I suddenly smiled behind the door.

"I'm taking care of you." Josh said with a smirk looking up and down.

"I'm fine, byeee!" I anwsered, then slapped the door in his face.

I got my breakfast out. Which is chocolate ice-cream, starwberry ice-cream and NO! I hate vanilla ice-cream but i had that white ice-cream i don't what it is. It tastes like milk. I liked it.

"Hi!" Some sexy voice said behind me.

I jumped. My ice-cream fell on the floor!

"My ice-cream!!!!!" I yelled in his face.

"I hate you!" I pushed him and sat back down. I started crying. I know I'm such a baby but when it comes to food, it's important.

"Oh shit, you're crying."

Josh said looking worried.

"I'll buy us pizza!" He spoke again.

I smiled and got up.

"But it's not dinner time yet!"

He looked confused.

"Ice-cream for breakfast, pizza for dinner!" I pouted.

He suddenly smiled.

"What's for tea?" He asked.

"Chicken" I replied, before he could even finish his question.

He smiled, then laughed.

"Do you want me to buy you ice-cream?" He Questioned.

"I'll go, you don't know what I like."

"Vanilla" He replied.


I said.

"I thought every girl likes vanilla." He shrugged.

"Okay, we'll take my car and go together."

"Why can't I take my motorcycle?"

"Because I said so, and I'm taking care of you."

"Lucky me." I replied sarcasticaly.

"Shouldn't you be at school, it's Friday?" I questioned.

"I'm a bad boy, remember."

He replied.


I went to get changed I wore high waisted jeans and a white cropped hoodie.

We got in his car.

"I'll be

right back" He said.

"But my ice-cream!"

Josh ran inside his house and I waited.

Two minutes later, he got out with a little girl. She was adorable - She looked like Josh.

"OMG! You never told me you have kids!"

I yelled.

"Relax. She's my sister."

She smilled at me she looked around 5-6 years. "Hi! I'm Rosie!" She said.

Hello, I'm Amber." I greeted her.

"She's adorable." I whispered to Josh.

"She got it after me." He replied.

"Hopefully, she won't get your ego"

I anwsered.


"I'm paying." Josh shouted.

"Good because I didn't bring my purse in the first place and you're the one who destroyed my ice-cream!"

He chuckled.

I saw all the ice-cream. I put everything I saw in the basket as Josh was the one who has to pay. I also took some drinks, sweets

"That's $79" said the cashier. Josh wasn't Shocked. He gave him $100 "keep the change." anwsered Josh. I Thought it was gonna be like $20 cos i did take A LOT.

"I didn't know it was going to be that much." I apologised.

"Well if you do math, you took 3 vanilla- $8 each, then ben and Jery's that was about the same price as vanilla and you took 5 of those. Plus the sweets and drinks it came upto $80.

"I'll give you it all back!" The guilt was taking over me, I mean he just bought me a $100 worth of ice cream.

"No need."

We walked out of the store, with Rosie in the middle holding mine and josh's hand.

"What a lovely couple." Said an old lady with her partner.

"Were not--"

"Thanks." Josh responded and smiled.

Few hours later, Rosie was asleep it was now quite late. We decided to watch a movie.

"Action, comedy, romantic?" I asked.

"Action." He quickly made his decison.

"I was hoping you would say that."

"Furious 7?" I questioned.

"Ye I love that." He replied.

I put the movie on. It was silent but not awkward silence, more like relaxed.

"Hey umm, can we take a picture?" Josh asked politely.


He took his phone out and took two pics one was when he kissed my cheek other was with us doing a funny face.

We do look like a nice couple.

You like him.

I do not.


I woke up in my room which was weird cos I'm sure I fell asleep down stairs.

I got up took a quick shower.

I decided to wear a white crop top and shorts. I put my long hair down and did my makeup. I wore vans and went downstairs to get my breakfast. I saw him in the kitchen doing pancakes.Shirtless.

The sunlight highlighted his abs, I don't know what was more yummy the pancakes or him.

"Good morning beautiful."

I smiled. "Hey."

"Your mom told me you can't cook."


By the way Amber's mom is a traveller.

What do you guys think of Amber's eating habbits?

I promise the chapters will get longer when I get more reads. Thats the first story I wrote. I hope you enjoy it so far.


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