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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Joshua's POV:

"Maths." she said to herself it was weird but adorable.

"With mr. Ibbeson?" I asked hoping she'd say yes.

"Ufortunately." she replied.

I was relieved she said that. She might be my new aim, she seems like she will play hard to get but I love a challenge.

But you will never find a girl like her.

Shut up brain.

"By the way, I like bad girls."

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself."

I smiled, and then walked to my locker.

"Hey man!" said Luke.

If you would search luke in a DICKTIONARY, it would describe him as athletic manwhore, like me.

"That Canadian is hot, although she broke my stereotype, weren't they meant to be nice people?

I clunched my fist and replied, "Yeah."

"I give you a two weeks bro."


I asked looking confused.

"To get her in your bed."

"Deal" Why did i agree to this? Ohhh because im the biggest fuckboy in the school.

Time for maths.

I walked in class 10 minutes late. Amber was sat at the back although you couldn't see her, she was the first person I noticed.

I sat in the seat infront of her it was the only empty seat.

We had a sub teacher today.

She started doing the register...


Called out the sub.

"Thats my name."


"She's dead." She said not moving an inch of her body.

The sub jumped and looked confused.

"Here, here I'm here."

She spoke again.

The sub just glared at her.

"Not for long though." Amber added.

And then she walked out of the door.


Amber's POV:

Josh sat infront of me, I know it was the only seat, he could've sat on the floor! Well I was bored of the class so i decided to go to the cafeteria. Did I tell you how much I love food? Ice cream, pizza and chicken are my mains. Ice cream is breakfast, then for dinner i have pizza and then for tea i have chicken.


5 periods later.

I'm now going to my last period P.E. As I'm new, I had to borrow clothes, but people in this school are really small. Is it an American thing? The clothes barley fit me. The t-shirt looked like a belly top, you could see my ass in the shorts. But hey, I wasn't complaining neither were the boys.

I was always good at sports I had an athletic body. I was a fast runner and did swimming.

In this school girls have P.E with boys im not used to that but atleast i'll have some competition, they're not scared they'll break a nail. Don't get me wrong I'm not a tomboy but I'm

not a girly girl either.

"Hey baby!" Some guys whistled as they saw me. "Shake it!" some other guy said and it went on and on and on. Then I saw josh standing in the corner eating some girl's face off. It was the same girl that gave me dirty looks.

"Alright, for the warm up we will have some races." commanded the P.E teacher.

We all lined up. Ready to run.

"Ready, set, go!!"

We all went off.

I was 1st, Josh 2nd and a girl called Claire, 3rd she was quite cool she's also a badass not as bad as me but we could be friends.

"Amber 1st, josh 2nd, claire 3rd and the rest isn't important!" Yelled the teacher.

"What? I never come second!" Shouted Josh.

"Get used to it." I replied

After PE I went to the car park and forgot that I came with Josh, ergo I started walking towards home.

"Beep! Beep!"

It was Josh I ignored and carried on walking.

"You need a ride?" He questioned.

"I'm fine." I yelled back.

I walked faster and ignored him. Consequently, I was in his arms carried the bride style he put me inside the car and fastened my seat belt. When I finally got a chance to speak I started.

"Help! I'm getting kidnapped!!!"

"Shut up!" His voice sounding serious.

"Bite me." I replied.

"Just tell me where." He smirked.


"Whats wrong baby?"

He asked pretending he's worried.

"Nothing just sitting in the car with the biggest fuckboy from school who just kidnapped me and i'm hoping I'm won't get raped. What about you?" I asked.

"Thinking whether trying you is worth your punches and so far it is cos you have an amazing body."

"I know now drive faster before I punch you!"

"As you wish."

He replied.

"OMG! Not that fast!!! Are you DUMB! Slow down!!!!"

I looked at the speed and we were going 150kph, and we were on a round about its a miracle we didn't crash or kill someone or ourselves!!!

"You asked for it." he smirked.

His hand touched mine, I took my hand away.

" Oh, sorry." He said.

"I-it's f-fine." I replied.

"I never got your name?"

He said trying not to make things awkward.

"You did on the register in maths"

I replied.

"She's dead." He said.

I chuckled.

"And in assembely."

"I wasn't listening."

"I'm Amber." I smiled.

"I'm Josh." He smiled.

This was a better start.


So what do you think of Josh and Amber?




Thanks for reading.


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