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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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I took a seat on my motorcycle, Josh still standing next to it. I pushed the gas but it didnt work. I tried a few more times then gave up.

Guess i'm walking. I started walking towards the road as I had to abandon the beautiful creation, and Josh.

"Hey jump in." Said the sexy voice as he was getting into his car.

Well, I only knew him two minutes, what could go wrong?


"You didn't anwser my question!" He pouted, he looked cute--- for someone so arrogant.

"Can you shut the fuck up!"

I yelled.


"English." I replied.

He chuckled.

The next 5 minutes was silence, awkward silence.

"Hey." He looked at me." Play 20 questions."


"Okay why did you move?"

He questioned.

"Expelled." I anwsered.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No." I replied.

He smilled and then smirked. "Well I'm single too." He winked.

"I'm not interested." I responded.

"Oh you play for a different team?" He asked.

"No, I'm just not interested."

"That never happened before." He asserted.

"Are you a virgin?" He asked.

"Okay i'm getting out now. I can walk the rest of the way, Thanks." I said, it sounded meaner than i wanted it to.

About his question, I did sleep with a few guys before, But nothing serious I was a player and I liked it. I don't want anything serious until I finish collage, I want to have fun.


I finally arrived at school. Yay, Note the sarcasm. I went to get my timetable and then the teacher told me to go down to assembely in the theatre.

"Good morning, year 11." Said the princepal.

"Good morning." They all mumbled.

"Hi bitch!" I heard someone yell. I recognise that sound. It was Josh.

"Joshua Wilson!" Mrs Rider shouted (the princepal).

She was tall, had light brown short hair, she looked friendly but her glares could kill.

"Lets welcome the new students!" She screamed looking exited.

"Abbigail Smith!" shouted Mrs Rider. And a girl walked down. There was a small round of applause, Then some more new students came down.

I quickly unbotted my top two buttons and pulled my skirt up because i knew i was gonna get called out.

"Amber Clark!"

I walke

d down. There was a vast round of applause, some people whisled and some guys shouted things like 'Hey sexy.'

I'm used to it.

"Tell me something about yourselves." She said looking at all new students.

They all said something but they were all boring.

I put a chewing gum in my mouth and made loud bubbles.


"Amber?" Questioned Mrs Rider.

"What about you?"

"Pass!" I shouted.

Some people chucked.

"Say something about yourself."

"I don't know." I replied.

"Why did you move?" She asked.

"Well I got kicked out of my other two schools and this school was the only one that accepted me because of my behaviour record."

Some people were shocked, others were smiling and winking at me.

But one girl cought my eye she was a cheerleader, she had a costume on and pompons in her hands. She gave me dead glares.


"Why did you get kicked out?" Someone shouted from the crowd.

"Well, I punched my princepal in the face." Mrs. Rider took a step back from me. "She failed me and said that i'm a talentless and useless waste of space, so i called her a bitch and punched her."

"We don't use this language here." Said Mrs Rider.

"Bitch?" I asked her

"Yes." she nodded.

"Let me continue, The same day I caugh her doing a blowjob to the janiotor in the closet I recorded it and put it on facebook."

"We don't use the b word." Mrs Rider reminded me.

"I didn't say bitch."

People chuckled.

"Thats enought got back to your seat!"

She commanded me.

I walked upstairs with all eyes on me. It felt awkward but good at the same time.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

That was the bell.

It was time for my first period.

"Maths." I say to myself. I'm weird.

"With mr. Ibbeson?"

The sexy voice said behind me.

It was Josh.

"Unfortunately." I replied.

"By the way, I like bad girls."

He winked at me, He had a smirk on his face.

"Thanks you're not so bad yourself."

I replied and walked to my first period.


Thanks for reading. I'll upload soon.

So what do you guys think of Amber?

And the cheerleader?

And Mrs. Rider?



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