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   Chapter 2 the biker boy

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I hope you are doing fine by the time you read this letter and if you have a hangover please take some medicine. You passed out on me, while I did make it clear not to touch me-'

"What rubbish? Don't touch me blah blah, " I groaned, he was so hard to resist and how could I not touch him. In the first place, he picked me up when I was completely capable to go home myself and then he continued to remove my clothes and touch me without my permission. I should be writing this letter and rubbing it on his face to not touch me. Manwhore

'-that made me really mad. I helped you out because I knew you were going to be harmed if you were alone. Also, I apologize for removing your clothes. They were dirty and you seemed pretty uncomfortable in them. A few questions ring in my mind about your body but I will ask them next time-'

At this point, I knew he had seen the marks on my body. How could I let him? I had never let anyone see them, how could he?

'Also, I had a little conversation with your sister. I hope you don't mind, I may have to fulfil my promise with her so she doesn't tell your parents about last. I really tried to wake you up but you didn't. I'm sorry if I had caused any trouble, take care. Goodbye, Marco.'

Once I was done with reading the letter, I sighed. All my confusions were cleared out, he didn't rape me neither kidnapped me; he was just trying to help me like a normal stranger would. I cleared my mind about last night and shoved the letter into my bag and wished that I would never see him again.

"Fuck!" I screamed as I looked at the time, today was my last day at work for sure. My boss wouldn't stand me being late for a second and now an hour late would drive him crazy.

I changed my clothes once again, having no time to shower, I grabbed a perfume and sprayed it on myself couple times. Looking at the reflection in the mirror, I noticed a bruise on my chest. My eyes squinted as I studied it carefully. Hickey?

I haven't made out with anyone in years, how I could possibly get a hickey on my chest...unless that stranger did something but as the letter said, he didn't do anything. I touched it, hoping there would be some pain but I didn't feel anything.

I rolled my eyes away after that and covered it up quickly as possible. Probably fell on something hard.

I walked out of my room and went down the stairs to be only welcomed by my big brother, Alex. He looked at me from up to down very carefully.

"Weren't you supposed to be at work an hour ago?" he had a suspicious tone. I looked away from his gazing eyes and walked to the main door; he followed me and probably expected me to answer his question.

"Yeah, I overslept, " I said.

He grabbed my hand and turned me around; an angry scowl was settled on his face.

"Make sure that never happens again. I had to drop and pick Bella from school when you clearly know that's your job. Be careful next time, I won't be very forgiving." He yelled and once he was done, he pushed me, and my back slammed into the main door. I clutched my purse tightly and walked out, ignoring whatever he just said.

The weather was calmer today than last night. I walked quietly towards the café I worked at. It wasn't very far away from my house but also not very nearby. It took me 15 minutes before I reached the café.

Opening the door of the café, the bells at the top started to ring, capturing the attention of few workers. I gulped the lump in my throat. I was scared, this was my fourth job in this month, and my parents would kill me if I ought to get fired.

My life was at a very high stake.

"You are late!" I shivered as I heard his voice ringing through the thin air. I closed my eyes and hoped that he wouldn't fire me.

"I am so sor-"

"You are fired!" he didn't wait for me to finish my apology; instead he just fired me straight away.

"Please, Mr Clark, I am sorry. Don't fire me, " I cried, strolling behind him as he walked away from the customers and into the kitchen.

"Wendy, please leave and go wherever you came from. You are no longer working here." Mr Clark cleared himself out; I opened my mouth to say something but immediately closed it. There is nothing I could possibly do.

My heartfelt shattered, this was my only hope to survive with my parents. I dragged the bottom lip into my mouth and walked outside the café. I had nowhere to go; I couldn't go home now especially when Alex watched me leaving late.

My parents would be home anytime and it was impossible for me to go now. I began to regret last night, why was I such a fool!

I shouldn't have gone to that club and wasted every last penny I had left, I should've just slept instead.

I pulled my phone out and dialled the only person's number I could ask advice and help from.

"Hey, how are you doing?" Bruce, my only frien

d responded. He always did.

"I am fucked, " I screamed as I walked down the park, it was almost 6 pm now. The sun was going down and it was getting darker by every second.

"Why, what happened?" He questioned with worry in his voice.

"Can you meet me right now, as soon as possible?" I asked. I needed to be with someone, I couldn't be alone.

"Of course, where are you at?" I gave him the address of the park. We usually came here so there was no need to explain much.

Bruce had been my friend since childhood, he is turning twenty-two next month, and we have been hanging out for more than ten years. Our friendship goes way back. He knows everything about me and so I do.

This stress was killing me. I was scared for the future; would my parents kick me out because I no longer had a job?

Bruce was here very quickly, in no time he was in front of me with his bike and a smirk rubbed on his face. I laughed as he posed for me before crashing into a hug.

"Why is Wendy sad?" He pouted as he sat beside me, we watched the kids in silence. How beautiful being a child was, at least you don't have to worry about work or live in the fear of being dumped by your parents.

"I went to this club last night, " I started from the beginning. I couldn't hide anything from Bruce, he was my best friend.

"Which club and you didn't invite me?" he cried as he pulled out a cigarette from his jeans.

"I wanted to be alone for a little while. Anyways, it's the club in the corner of the town, where you had strictly prohibited me from going. So that's why I went alone." He choked as I finished explaining.

"You went alone? You know how dangerous it is? That place is full of rotten gangsters and wicked people. You could have been murdered by now!" he got up from the stool we were sitting on and yelled at me.

"Calm down, I am still alive and well." I laughed, dragging him back beside me.

"And there weren't any wicked people. It was so great, no one disturbed me well until the end-" I continued to explain him everything about last night, he carefully listened to me and didn't speak or yell back this time.

Bruce knew about this place more than I did, he has had business with dangerous people but is still unharmed and safe.

By the time I was finished, his cigarette got over and he burned it. His face seemed like someone just gave him a shock.

"So long story short, you went to this club, got drunk, met a guy who dropped you home and undressed you and then you got fired and now you are crying because you got fired?" he repeated, I nodded as sadness washed over my face.

"You should be more worried about the guy who dropped you off!" he exclaimed.


"He could be a dangerous person; you don't even know what was his name or number!" Bruce said, well he had a point, he could be a dangerous person but he wasn't my concern, not that I am going to see him again anytime soon....unless Bella goes on a little date with him.

"He promised Bella that he would take her to a date if she didn't say anything to my parents about last night, " I whispered, thinking about all the bad things that could possibly happen to Bella if she went along with a guy. Why didn't I think about that before?

"WhatjQuery214035940072030736525_1531232882767" he screamed. "She is just seven years old, are you out of your mind to let your sister go on a date with an old creepy man?" he continued.

"I will go with her?"

"Yes, you should!"

"What about my work, Bruce?" I sobbed as I snuggled with him in the corner of the park. It was dark now; the parents were rushing away with their kids. They all knew the dangers of this town.

"I will do something about it; let me talk to some people. You will get a job by the end of this week." He promised. I looked down in misery.

"Don't be sad, " he whispered, pulling me into a bone-crushing hug.

"What about my parents, what if they throw me out? I can't stay out. You know what happened the last time I was out right?" The vicious memories of those days ran into my head, it was awful, I tried to push it away as much as I could but now everything is coming back again.

"Don't worry Wendy, last time I wasn't here but this I am. I will make sure no one ever harms you, I promise that." He words seemed promising but I couldn't really trust him.

"Let's get this all off your head." He got up and dragged me up, my bottom was sore from sitting in one position for hours now.

"Where are we going?" I questioned as he walked towards his bike. He wrapped the helmet around my head and then sat down.

"My apartment, we'll watch movies and do stuff so you can get your mind of this." He announced. I wrapped my hands around his waist and held on tightly, I knew his ways of driving a bike.

Sometimes I wonder who even gave him the license.

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