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   Chapter 1 a drink and a drive

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Chapter one - a drink and a drive

━━━━━━ ? ? ? ━━━━━━

My body swayed along with the loud music in the club, my eyes was shut closed as I enjoyed the moment solely.

My hands moved with the rhythm of the song, sweat trickled down my bare back and numerous bodies hit mines.

I was drunk.

The alcohol was showing its magic on me, I couldn't feel anything except for peace. The heels I had worn were now making me uncomfortable. I just wanted to swing around without hurting my feet but it seemed impossible as of now.

My eyes froze when I saw the time, it was almost 2 am in the night and I had been drinking and dancing for more than three hours.

Yet I didn't feel tired of this fun.

My vision blurred as I sat down. There were so many people here, mostly men's. A strip show was going on in the corner of the club, I didn't care, I had to go home now.

It was already too late for me.

I searched for my phone in the small bag I owned and quickly found it. My tries to switch it on went to waste, the battery was drained and my phone was dead.

I shoved it back inside and then continued to look around. I didn't want to go...not just yet.

This place was crowded, sweaty bodies seemed to be everywhere; the music was so loud that I had this urge to go back into the crowd and dance again.

My eyes wandered off to the man who was standing in the corner, since the moment I stepped inside, he was just standing there till now. He didn't even move a muscle; he stood there and noticed everything going on.

He looked appealing to my drunken state.

I was quite far away from him so staring at him was no problem until he looked my way. I hurried away from his gaze and turned around, in shock.

I let out a small laugh and stood up. Unable to walk, I tripped countless times on three different people.

Once the cold air of Landow hit me, I let out a sigh. Wrapping my hands around my shoulders, I began to regret the decision of wearing a small black dress and getting now jacket along.

It was freezing here. The loud music of the club started to fade away as I walked further looking for a cab.

There weren't many people around, just a couple of men's standing and talking. There were no girls around, I felt a little unsafe, and being in this state anyone could do anything with me.

I started to swing my hand everywhere and practised my karate skills with the air in case someone tried to do anything, I was preparing myself.

During this 'preparation' I tripped on a parked car and fell down. My knees scraped the rocky pavement and I groaned in pain.

Get yourself together, Wendy.

I got up again this time with sizzling pain on my forehead. I saw a blur yellow car approaching me, knowing it was cab; I ran towards the road and plunged my hand into the air.

Before I knew it swished across me, turning my smile into a frown. I am never getting home like this. I needed to call my friend but my phone was dead and I was too shy and scared to borrow it from someone.

A black sports car stopped in front of me, my head throbbed as I looked at it. I didn't make any assumptions about who it may be in the car or what they wanted.

The windows were tinted so I wasn't able to see who was in there until the person walked out of the car.

"Get in, " the unknown man ordered, I frowned my eyebrows at his statement. It was the same man from the club; who was standing in the corner for hours without doing anything.

Except for this time, he was wearing a black leather jacket.

Slamming the car door closed, he rushed towards me.

"Woah, Woah!" I took a step back as he came in front of me.

My hands signalled him to go away but he didn't instead he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the car.

"Rape, " I screamed as he opened the front car door for me, I wasn't going to anywhere with the person. What if he is a serial killer?

What if he wants to kill me or rape me?

I tried to get attention from the few group of men behind me but they just glanced and looked away like they didn't even care if someone was kidnapping a girl.

I tried to struggle with the man's grip but he held my hand like he was never going to leave it.

"I am not going to rape you, " he whispered in my ear as he pushed me inside the car.

The car was pretty warm compared to the weather outside, the atmosphere inside eased the pain in my head but I got more worried about what the future held.

My eyes were captured by the thick, pulsating veins scattered around his hand.

I looked at them with shook while he struggled with pushing my legs into the car.

"Damn, that's so hot!" I exclaimed, using my other hand to touch them but before I could even lay a finger on him he left my hand and then slammed the door shut on my face.

That's when I came to the realization that I was inside his car, I was kidnapped and my phone wasn't working and also I was drunk.

"What's your address?" he questioned while putting his seat belt on and driving away from the club.

I no longer had the energy to protest and eyes were dropping down.

"See; let me explain it to you." I stopped, trying to catch my breath.

"My parents hate me and if I got kidnapped they wouldn't give a shit, they wouldn't even give you a penny instead they would be grateful that I left." I continued, using my hands to express my words.

Not even once he looked at me instead his eyes were too focused on the road. I jumped in the car seat trying to make myself comfortable but as soon as my head hit the roof; I screamed.

"Your car is so tiny, " I said, rubbing my head softly.

"What's your address?" he asked again, this time more angrily.

Why did he want my address so he could kill me and then deposit or mail my body there?

"Don't kidnap me please, " I begged, slapping my both palms together in front of him.

I immediately bought my hands down when his jaw clenched with anger.

"I am not kidnapping you; I am asking you for your address so I can send you home." He said, clearing everything I had wrong about him.

My lips turned into a pout as he said those words.

"So you are not kidnapping me? I wanted to be kidnapped by such a beautiful guy." I cried, placing my elbows on his thighs and looking at him.

He stopped his car in the corner of the road; I had no idea where he stopped or where we were at this moment.

His hands softly pushed my elbows away

from him, in doubt I looked up at him. What? He did not want me to touch him?

"Don't touch me little girl and tell me your address?" he stated while pushing me back on the seat and locking the seat belt on my body.

I grabbed both of his hands and shoved them back to him in anger.

"You also don't touch me, " I said, curving my lips into a creepy smile. He nodded and I continued, "I live in 72 Whitchurch Road, please drop me a little far away...driver." Folding my hands across my chest, I sat back.

"I am not your driver, " he whispered while the car started to move on the empty road. His hands were pressed firmly on the steering wheel. Oh god, those hands are going to be the death of me.

"Then why did you pick me up from the club? I don't know who you are neither you are kidnapping me so that basically makes you my driver." I explained, my eyes started to feel heavy and the position I was sitting in was annoying. I needed a pillow to sleep on.

"I was just trying to keep you safe from some people. Who comes alone in a club, with such dressing and leaves drunk knowing this town is full of rapists and murderers." He said.

"Brother, I am already very safe." I yawned not knowing what I just said or called him.

Once I was finished, he turned to me with shock all over his face.

"I am not your brother!" he yelled, his voice was so thick and dominating.

I let out a small laugh before dropping my head on his shoulder. I was so tired and I just needed some sleep.

"Then be my daddy, " I murmured before falling into a deep, slumber sleep.

I am sure by morning I wouldn't remember all this

* * *

"Wendy, wake up." I heard a tiny squeak from the corner of my room. Some little girl's hands reached to my legs and she started shaking them, trying to wake me up.

The throbbing sensation in my head was endless. I opened my eyes to the blazing sunlight and Bella.

Her seven-year-old body jumped over my legs and onto my bed. She crawled over my chest and pulled my hair.

"Ouch, Bella, stop!" I screamed as she continued. "I am awake, you can stop now." I pushed her tiny hands away from my hair and pulled myself together under the sheets.

My eyes widen in shock when my fingers met my naked stomach. Why was I naked?

"Shit!" I exclaimed as the bits and pieces of last night started to collect in my head. What happened?

How did he drop me to my home without waking me up? Did he rape me? Did he remove my clothes?

"Bella, what happened last night?" I asked my young sister hoping for some answers because if my parents saw me coming in the house with that guy they would beat the crap out of me.

But from what it seemed everything was calm and no one had asked any questions about last night...yet.

"Where were mom and dad last night?" I questioned, getting up from the bed with the blanket wrapped around my naked body. I walked to the closet and pulled out some clothes.

"Don't you know, they had night shift yesterday and possibly today also." I sighed as she spoke, thank god they weren't home.

But who would open the door for me? Alex?

"Was Alex awake last night?" I asked Bella while wearing a pair of pyjamas and rushing back to her wanting to know everything that happened last night.

"No, Alex was asleep." Confusion rose up in her eyes as I continued with my questions.

If it wasn't Alex then who would let me in at 3 o'clock? Drunk? With a man?

"I opened the door last night if you are wondering. You were sleeping on someone's arms. The man who got you inside the house was super hot. Who was he? Your boyfriend? I thought you never dated but if you are in a relationship with him, I am happy because he was so cute." She explained, dragging the last few words.

"I have no idea who was he. Did you get his name? Because I didn't, I met him somewhere outside last night and he dropped me home because it was getting late. I didn't know when I had fallen asleep on him." I confessed, drinking the glass of water placed beside my bed.

After changing into a pair of clothes, I went back to Bella and sat down with her. I wanted to know every detail.

"Yes, he said his name was Marco."

"Then what happened? I mean you let him in the house?" I asked.

She nodded her head. If she said this all to Alex or my parents then I would be toast.

"Yes, he was so cute so I had to let him in." I rolled my eyes at those words; I no longer even remember how he looked like.

The only thing I remember was his veiny hands and his prominent jawline; apart from that I had no picture of him in my head.


"Then he asked me whether you lived in this house or not, I told him yes, you are my sister. He carried you to your room silently and then after ten minutes of chit-chat with me he left." Bella said.

She seemed happy like she found her boyfriend or what. He's probably a hundred years older than her.

"So did you say mommy about this? Or Alex?" I questioned.

Alex was my big brother, he's just a year older than me and he acts like he is my Dad.

"No, I gave Marco a pinky promise that I wouldn't say anything about last night to anyone if he would take me on a date to a Marshmallow store." she blushed as she spoke.

I blinked my eyes looking at my seven-year-old sister who was going to go on a date with a thirty-year-old man who almost tried to kidnap me.

I no longer had words or questions left instead I was shocked.

How could that man be nice to my sister? He wasn't even nice to me...well half of the time he wasn't.

"Okay...when are you going on this date?" I pressed my forehead trying to swallow everything she had just said.

How could my sister be like that?? I never went on dates and she is just seven and she already got a date.

"I don't know he told me that he will come to my school this week and pick me up and take me on a date." She smiled, her eyes went down and her cheeks turned red with embarrassment or so what I thought.

"Okay, run along, I have to get ready and go to work, " I ordered as I looked around for my phone which still seemed to be dead.

My eyes wandered off to the clock beside my bed, it struck 4 pm and I needed to be at work half an hour ago. Whose idea was to get drunk on a weekday....alone?

As I plugged my phone into the charging socket, I noticed a piece of paper laying flat on the floor.

I picked it up and opened it.

* * *

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