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   Chapter 72 No.72

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'There was one day that changed my life. I remember…in school…I was sitting exams in the hall along with everyone else.' Leroy felt a stab of fear in his heart at the memory, at how close to death he had come to. 'There was a mad man who stormed into the school with a gun, he shot a bunch of people…before coming into the exam hall.' Leroy drew another breath to steady himself. 'I remember…I was at the front of the hall…that man…he grabbed me, pointed his gun at me…I thought I was going to die…'

Sam turned to face him now, eyes wide as he listened silently.

'Mustang ran from the back of the hall, grabbing the man's gun…he was without fear.'

Leroy stared at the grass beneath him, eyes out of focus.

'I remember…he grabbed the man's gun, pulling it away from me. The man shot him, then again…Mustang nearly died that day…he was hospitalized…and it was that day I realised…I realised….' He bowed his head. 'I began to have different feeling for him from that day on…I…I realised I loved him…but I didn't know how to express those feelings…they felt so strange and foreign to me. But…he helped me.'

Leroy fell silent for a moment then, Sam was about to break the silence, but then Leroy spoke.

'I loved Mustang' Leroy said. 'I truly did with all my heart and soul.'

He pulled the picture out from his jacket then, the one he carried everywhere, the one of Mustang in his younger days.

Sam glanced up as Leroy rose to a stand, walking with his head bowed towards the edge of the lake, holding the picture in both his hands.

Leroy raised his head then, drawing his arm back he threw the picture as hard as he could, watching as the picture sailed through the air, landing near the centre of the lake.

Sam gasped then, rising swiftly and running to him.

'Leroy' he breathed. 'Why did you do that…?'

Leroy turned to him, smiling widely. 'Listen to me Sam' he spoke to him, grasping him by the shoulders lightly and speaking to him softly. 'I loved Mustang once. But I don't love Mustang anymore. He is my past…you are my future. I love you and you alone. No one else.'

Sam gritted his teeth, balling his fists and hunching his shoulders as his eyes began to water.

He rushed up to Leroy then, embracing him tightly, stifling his sobs as he buried his face in his chest.

'I'm sorry' whimpered. 'I'm sorry…'


t's ok' Leroy said to him, pushing him back gently and brushing his tears away so he could see him clearly.

Sam looked up at him, smiling.

'Does that mean we're going out now?' he asked Leroy tentatively. 'Like…a couple…like…boyfriends…?'

'Yes' Leroy grinned, amused at the awkward way he had spoken. 'I am done grieving now' Leroy said. 'You are all I care about. We are a couple now, its official.'

'Can we move in together?' Sam asked suddenly.


'I'm not happy with seeing you everyday' Sam said to him. 'I want to see you every night and every morning too…will you let me live with you? I'm ready to leave the shared house…I want a home only with you now…'

'Of course' Leroy cried happily, hugging him with joy. 'I would love that so much!'

They walked hand in hand through the park, coming to rest on the lip of a small hill that overlooked the lake.

Leroy stared at the glassy water, eyes bright in the fading day, smiling warmly to himself.

I will never forget Mustang, It's because of him that I met Sam; it's because of him……that I found true happiness

'Leroy?' Sam spoke, looking up at him. 'Are you alright? What's wrong?'

'Nothing' Leroy smiled, placing an arm around Sam and pulling him closer. 'Everything is perfect.'

A lot has changed throughout my life, and I haven't always been as happy as I am now.

I love Sam dearly, he is everything to me.

But my story began not with him, but with Mustang, who made me realise…what life truly means, and how precious it is…how we should cherish every moment.

Live your life as you should, not how others want. That is what he taught me.

Live in the moment.

We never know what the future might bring, and Sam and I may not be together forever. But thanks to Mustang, I've found true happiness.

Thanks to Mustang

I am alive


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