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   Chapter 71 No.71

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'What are you doing up so early?' he mumbled, turning away again.

'Why are you crying?' Sam asked.

'It's nothing' Leroy told him wiping his eyes.

'What have you got there' Sam asked, suddenly noticing Leroy holding something.

'Nothing' Leroy snapped trying to hide it.

'Tell me' Sam ordered, lunging forward to grab it from him.

'No! Sam!'

Sam grabbed the picture from him, stepping back away from Leroy's reach and to a safe distance.

He stared down at the picture as Leroy watched him uncertainly.

Sam looked up again, meeting Leroy's gaze.

'This is Mustang' he said.

'Yeah' Leroy mumbled, voice husky. 'I…' he was about to say more, but fell silent quickly.

Sam handed the picture back to him, turning he marched out the room.

'I have to go' Sam told him shortly. 'I've got work today.'

'Sam wait!' Leroy called after him, but he was gone, leaving swiftly through the front door and snapping it shut without another word.

Leroy stared at the closed door, feeling a tug in his heart. He let out a heavy breath, tears shimmering in his eyes as he stared at the picture in his hand, smiling weakly.

He stared at the handsome face within the frame, that gorgeous carefree smile.

Leroy gritted his teeth, placing the picture on the side.

He got ready for work, leaving quickly, along the way he tried to ring Sam, but he never picked up.

With a sigh of regret Leroy pocketed the mobile, entering the office building to begin work.

That day was gruelling for him, as he couldn't get Sam out of his mind, constantly worrying for him.

I hope he's alright…I hope I didn't hurt him or push him away.

Leroy tried again several times in his break to ring him, but again there was no answer.

As his shift ended, Leroy left quickly without speaking to anyone, as he usually did.

It was on his way home that Leroy saw something that made his heart stop in his chest.

Across the road he saw Sam in the arms of another man, and kissing him passionately.

Leroy's brows furrowed, and he snarled as he was consumed by a sudden rage. He strode across the street, ignoring the cars that honked and screeched to a stop to avoid him.

Sam glanced to the side upon hearing the cars, eyes widening in shock and surprise at seeing him there.


Leroy gave no explanation or warning as he approached, balling his fist and swinging it back. He punched the other man hard in the face.

The stranger fell back against the railings, hunched over and holding his face with both hands.

He straightened suddenly, gla

ring at Leroy. 'What the hell man..?!'

Leroy grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him close and snarling in his face.

'Get out of here' he hissed. 'Now.'

He shoved the man back, the stranger hesitated for only a moment, unnerved by Leroy's rage. He turned and marched away, sparing only a single glance back at Sam before leaving.

Leroy watched him go.

'Leroy' Sam said behind him. 'What are you…?'

Leroy turned and slapped him suddenly, cutting off his words.

Sam stared in shock, head turned to the side and cheek burning.

He looked back at Leroy as he grabbed him by the shoulders, speaking to him angrily and shaking him with every word.

'What are you doing?'

'Me?' Sam said, tears brimming in his eyes. 'What about you?'


Sam's expression grew angry, and he shoved Leroy sharply back then, freeing himself from his grasp.

'How can you say that you love me?' Sam demanded, his lip beginning to tremble. 'How can you say you love me and cry over the picture of another man.'

Leroy stepped back in shock, blinking several times as he slowly processed what Sam had just said.

His words had been like a physical blow to his chest.

'You say you love me' Sam told him, crying openly now, 'and yet you carry his picture wherever you go…'

Leroy pursed his lips, shoulders relaxing slightly.

'I think we should talk' he spoke calmly.

A short while later, the two of them sat together in the park, resting upon the grass at the base of a large tree. The pond before them was still and calm.

'I first met Mustang about three years ago' Leroy said in a flat voice. 'He kissed me the very first time we properly met…I was engaged then……her name was Alyssa…it didn't work out in the end. I left her…because I loved him, and was rejected by my family because of it.'

Sam sat beside him, leaning back against the tree and hugging his knees to his chest, he stared at the grass sulkily as he listened to Leroy talk.

'At first I hated him, I hated Mustang. He was so irresponsible, so annoying…the way he lived…he just didn't care about anything…and now I know why.'

Leroy let out a steady sigh, closing his eyes.

'I know now why he lived the way he did, why he put himself in danger, why he lived wild…it's because he was dying.' Leroy paused, grasping his hands together before him, opening his eyes again. It saddened him to remember Mustang, to remember the love he had lost. But he could not bring himself to cry. He had shed so many tears the past three years, there were no more tears left inside him to cry.

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