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   Chapter 70 No.70

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 5036

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Leroy carried Sam across the room, doing so easily as Sam was only light in weight.

He reached the bedroom, closing the door after him and throwing Sam roughly onto the bed.

Sam propped himself up on his elbows, watching as Leroy moved closer.

Leroy kissed him, kneeling before Sam and holding his head in his hands gently.

Leroy leant back, gazing into Sam's face. Sam's eyes shimmered, and his cheeks were flushed.

Leroy pushed Sam back onto the bed, hand going to unbutton Sam's jeans.

'Wait' Sam whispered, touching Leroy's chest and pushing him back gently.

'What is it?'

'I want to look at you…'

Sam reached up to him, brushing his hair back and running his fingertip down the side of Leroy's face.

'You're so handsome…'

'And you're so cute…' Leroy replied.

He grasped Sam's hand, holding it to his cheek and closing his eyes as he breathed deeply.

'Can I undress you?' Sam asked.

Leroy smirked. 'Yeah' he said.

Sam sat up, unzipping Leroy's hoodie, and slipping it down his shoulders, grabbing Leroy's shirt, lifting it over his head and throwing it away.

Sam touched his hand to Leroy's naked chest, breathing slowly as he gazed at him.

Sam let out a deep sigh, resting his cheek against Leroy's chest, hearing his heartbeat. He stayed this way for a moment, one hand touching Leroy's chest, the other resting upon his thigh.

Leroy bowed his head slowly, running his hand up the back of Sam's neck and into his hair.

'My turn now' he whispered, stripping Sam of his shirt so that he could see his naked skin.

He pressed his body against Sam's, pushing him back down upon the bed, Sam allowing him to do so, as Leroy rested his body weight upon Sam's.

Sam turned his head so that his mouth was hovering right over Leroy's ear. He spoke in a seductive voice.

'My body is ready for you.'

Leroy turned his head away sharply, sniggering under his breath.

'Silly boy' he whispered back to Sam. He turned to face him again. 'Turn over.'

Sam obeyed, resting on his hands and knees now. Leroy finished unbuttoning Sam's trousers, pulling them from him, before unbuttoning his own.

Sam let out a slow breath as he felt Leroy's hand upon his back. Sam lowered himself so that he rested on his elbows.

'Are you ready?' Leroy asked him, one hand running down Sam's spine, the other resting on his naked thigh.

Sam pursed his lips, nodding once.

Leroy saw. His grip tightened suddenly on Sam's body, and he slowly pushed himself forwards


Leroy's hand went to hold Sam by the shoulders as Sam let out a moan; he pulled back slowly, before pushing forwards again.

Sam stayed on his elbows as Leroy continued his gentle rhythm, holding him tenderly.

'Are you alright?' Leroy asked him after a time.

'Stop' Sam told him suddenly.

Leroy froze.

Sam turned back to face him. 'I want to look at you.'

Leroy hesitated. He pulled out, rolling Sam onto his back and pulling him back to the middle of the bed.

He bore over him, hooking his arm around the back of Sam's leg and lifting it up.

He pushed into him again.

Sam grimaced then. Leroy paused, waiting for him to relax.

Sam looked at Leroy, eyes shimmering and cheeks red.

'Leroy…' he whispered.

Leroy leant forward to kiss him, pushing harder into Sam as he did.

Sam broke away with a gasp as Leroy pulled back again, before pushing into him again.

'I love you Sam' he whispered to him, thrusting into him, harder and harder.

'I…' Sam gasped, 'I…' he moaned then, throwing his head back and closing his eyes as Leroy began to quicken his pace.

He reached his arms up as Leroy went faster and faster, holding him around the back of the neck as Leroy pushed into him one last time, finally finishing.

Sam's nails dug into his shoulder, body tense.

Leroy let out a deep breath, pulling out and collapsing on top of him, skin beaded with sweat.

'Leroy…' Sam breathed, arms moving around his body in a firm hold. '…I love you so much…'

Leroy turned to face him, kissing him again, before moving off him and resting on his side beside Sam.

He nuzzled into Sam, hand going around his waist and pulling him close.

'I'm so glad we met' Leroy told him, '…so glad…'

'Me too' Sam gleamed, before becoming still.

Leroy watched him closely before closing his eyes as Sam had done, and falling asleep in minutes, holding Sam close to him as he dreamed.

The next morning when Sam woke up, he found himself alone.

He looked at the bed beside him, seeing an empty space, then glancing about the room, but Leroy was not there.

He got up and dressed quickly, leaving the room and padding carefully down the corridor. He paused suddenly, hearing the sound of someone crying.

He approached the living room, reaching a hand out and pushing the door open slowly.

He saw Leroy sitting with his back to him, shoulders wracked with sobs.

'Leroy…?' Sam spoke tentatively.

He whipped around, red eyes wide with surprise to see him there.

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