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   Chapter 69 No.69

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'The one that hurt you…' Leroy said. 'Is he the one I saw?'

'Yeah' Sam replied. 'I was in a relationship with him for a long time, but it took even longer to leave him, he was possessive of me but…I eventually managed to move out into a shared rented place, it was only after you met him that he left me alone for good…you know…after you hit him.' Sam paused. 'He hit and beat me so often for so long…and no one ever hit him back, he would only hurt those weaker than him. I loved him once, even though I knew what he did to me was wrong….but I tolerated it…because he helped me…because I loved him…'

'How?' Leroy breathed. 'How can you still smile, when so much bad has happened to you?'

'I am happy' Sam answered, his eyes shining, 'because that is what my family would have wanted…and I have much to be grateful for, because I am still alive…and I will see them again one day…'

Leroy went home alone later that day, and was immediately greeted by Elaine.

'Leroy! There you are. Where have you been? I was starting to get a little worried.'

'Elaine' Leroy breathed, smiling at her, 'I…'

She blinked curiously at him too, a smile playing about her lips now.

'What is it?' she asked him. 'I've never seen you smile like that before.'

'I've…' Leroy continued, 'I've met someone…'

The next day, Leroy invited Sam to his new apartment.

'I haven't moved in yet' Leroy was saying as he turned the key in the lock, Sam bouncing up and down excitedly beside him, 'but technically I own it now, all the paperwork is filled in and all that.'

The instant he opened the door, Sam shot through it, standing in the living room and gazing about him wide-eyed.

'Waaaaaaw' he breathed. 'It's amazing.'

It was a fairly new block of flats, built only a few years ago, like the other apartments, this one was small, yet it had everything you could need with a kitchen and bathroom of modern design.

'I love it' Sam said, moving from one room to the other.

'I haven't bought any stuff yet' Leroy was telling him, as Sam continued to gaze all around him. 'I've only got a sofa and bed.'

'That's all we really need' Sam mumbled.


'So um…why exactly are you showing me this?'

'I um….' He began. 'I was wondering…you don't have to but…'

'Yes?' Sam urged, quivering with

excitement. 'What were you wondering?'

'I know you like it where you live now' Leroy told him, 'but I was wondering if you wanted to live here with me.'

Sam gasped, his wide eyes began to shimmer with tears.

'Oh Leroy…'

He threw himself into him, burying his face in Leroy's chest.

'I've never been so happy in my life…'

'S-so…' Leroy stammered, 'so you'd like to? I mean I know we've only been together a short time but… I think this could be a good thing…live in the moment you know? I had hoped you wouldn't mind leaving your shared house…you did say you liked it a lot.'

'No…' Sam whispered, looking up at Leroy, still hugging him, '…it's perfect…'

Leroy grinned at him awkwardly, pushing him away lightly and sitting on the sofa.

Sam sat on the sofa next to him, leaning towards him and speaking clearly.

'Let's do it!

Leroy blinked at him.


'Do you love me?' Sam pressed.


'Then let's do it together, right here right now!'

Leroy turned his head away from him, blushing slightly.

'I'm not a machine' Leroy mumbled. 'I can't just turn it on and off.'

Sam grabbed his upper arms suddenly.

'Then let me turn it on for you.'

He kissed him then, Leroy surprised for a moment did not respond.

And then Sam crawled forwards, climbing onto Leroy's lap, continuing to kiss him, never breaking away.

Leroy kissed him back, closing his eyes and sighing in pleasure as he felt Sam's tongue.

Sam broke away from him then, moving his lips to Leroy's cheek, then down to his neck.

Leroy turned away from him, exposing his neck further to Sam's lips.

Sam raised his chin, nibbling Leroy's ear.

'Ah!' Leroy said suddenly, jerking sharply away from him. 'What are you doing? Don't stick your tongue in my ear!'

'Sorry' Sam whispered, clapping his hands over his mouth, 'I didn't mean to…'

Leroy shoved him off his lap then, and Sam landed ungracefully on the floor.

He picked himself up, staring at Leroy wide-eyed.

He gasped then as Leroy made a start for him, grabbing him around the waist.

'No!' Sam cried dramatically as Leroy lifted him over his shoulder. 'Put me down! Help!'

'Quiet!' Leroy snapped back, carrying him out of the room. 'And stop squirming. You started this…now I'm going to finish it…'

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